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Beta: KuberDock 02-33

Beta: KuberDock 02-33

Second beta of KuberDock is available. It fixes number of bugs that were found during beta testing.

  • Error is shown when pod name exceeds 64 characters
  • Disk space limits in MB.
  • Package name is displayed and set on a user page.
  • tries to add MONITORS and KEYRING_PATH to config if ceph is used
  • AWS persistent storage switched to kubernetes native implementation
  • Iptables script to close the dangerous ports from outside.
  • Dockerfiles pulled from new docker hub.
  • Disc space now shown in wizard final step.
  • New error styling
  • Update system is auto-reloading now.
  • Added '--cleanup' option for script
  • Ceph backend switched to native kubernetes implementation.
  • Added bulk run/stop buttons for pods in pod list.
  • Extended user data validation.
  • Container price is now shown.
  • New design for notification windows.
  • IP Pool wizard bugfix
  • Exit if selinux not enabled on a node.
  • New design for pod creation wizard last step.
  • Simple implementation of maintenance mode. Notifications for maintenance mode.
  • Fix setup node disk quota

Update instructions can be found at:

More info on KuberDock including access to beta:

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