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Beta: Alt-PHP updated


New updated Alt-PHP packages are now available for download from our updates-testing repository.

Please note that this alt-php74 is not intended to be run on a production server. Please proceed with caution.



  • Added PECL extensions:
    • apcu-5.1.17
    • eio-2.0.3
    • gender-1.1.0
    • gmagick-2.0.5RC1
    • imagick-3.4.4
    • inotify-2.0.0
    • oci8-2.2.0
    • pecl_http-3.2.1
    • propro-2.1.0
    • raphf-2.0.0
    • stats-2.0.3
    • timezonedb-2019.1
    • trader-0.4.0
    • uuid-1.0.4
    • yaml-2.0.3
    • geoip-1.1.1
    • gnupg-1.4.0
    • mongodb-1.5.5
    • redis-4.2.0
    • igbinary-2.0.7
    • sqlsrv-5.7.0preview
    • pdo_sqlsrv-5.7.0preview
    • memcached-3.1.3
    • vips-1.0.8
    • dbase-7.0.0
    • xdebug-2.8.0beta2
    • grpc-1.12.0
    • pdflib-4.1.2
    • php-geos-1.0.0.tar
    • swoole-4.4.6
    • leveldb-0.2.1

Install command

yum install alt-php74-pecl-ext --enablerepo=cloudlinux-updates-testing
CloudLinux 6 kernel updated
Beta: alt-mod-passenger updated

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