CloudLinux - CloudLinux Blog - A brief look at the new CloudLinux Dashboard

A brief look at the new CloudLinux Dashboard

A brief look at the new CloudLinux Dashboard

This September we announced CloudLinux Statistics collection. Although controversial with some of you, we can now show you how the data will be used. Today we are glad to introduce the LVE Manager Dashboard, a new panel we’ve been working on for the last two months. It consolidates our efforts to combine collected statistics and administrative information into an easy-to-see overview form, and all in one place for site and server administrators.

As well as being concerned with server performance and administration, it also has a security aspect. If not already installed, the Dashboard provides an easy way to install ImunifyAV, the free antivirus and anti-malware scanner.

Let’s take a look at what you can expect to see in the forthcoming Beta version of the Dashboard.

LVE Manager Dashboard

Each module is shown as a block containing information and accumulated statistics, some relevant to individual modules, and some for the server as a whole. Above the blocks is a global area that displays the number of users and resellers hitting limits. All displayed data covers the past 24 hours and can be manually refreshed at any time.

Important Note! If you have opted-out, the Dashboard does not display any data. To see the actual data, turn statistics collection on by setting cl_statistics_enabled=1 parameter in the /etc/sysconfig/cloudlinux file.

Адрес электронной почты защищен от спам-ботов. Для просмотра адреса в вашем браузере должен быть включен Javascript. and stay updated with more exciting Dashboard features coming soon.

Please find the detailed Dashboard description in our documentation and FAQ.

To update, run:

yum update alt-python27-cllib lvemanager lve-utils --enablerepo=cloudlinux-updates-testing

To downgrade, run:

yum downgrade alt-python27-cllib lvemanager lve-utils


lve-utils 3.0-23.5


  • LU-981: fixed an issue when cl-summary get-remote command does not return success status;
  • added "users_with_faults" metric;
  • LU-913: added modules status information for Usage Stats;
  • LU-964: added statistics metric token for signing each message;
  • LU-966: provide blocking for the simultaneous (parallel) gathering of statistics;
  • LU-965: provide a get request from ClickHouse for use with the signing token;
  • LU-970: get the status of usage statistics collection;
  • LU-971: allow asynchronous running of statistics collection;
  • LU-989: return the total reseller count when Resellers Limits are not supported.

Other changes:

  • LU-975: fixed an incorrect output from lvectl list-packages that included non-unicode package names;
  • LVES-924: check restrictions on use of /tmp folder for security purposes.

alt-python27-cllib 1.4-14.4

  • LU-975: added unicodeify method (opposite to byteify).

lvemanager 4.0-26.8


  • WEB-1257: Dashboard refresh should be disabled if cl_statistics_enabled=0;
  • WEB-1249: Dashboard refresh button is not working;
  • WEB-1250: fixed invalid date for the 'statistics collected' header when the dashboard is first opened;
  • WEB-1246: fixed options URL parameters and dashboard links;
  • WEB-1241: resolved various Dashboard issues found by the QA team;
  • WEB-1243: improved the checking of the data state in the Dashboard;
  • WEB-1228: design changes to the Dashboard based on Mockup;
  • WEB-1226: added notification about stolen licenses and turning off of statistics gathering;
  • WEB-1168: added the ability to refresh data from the Dashboard;
  • WEB-1220: show a welcome message after a fresh install;
  • WEB-1210: use cloudlinux-summary get-remote as a data source for the Dashboard;
  • WEB-1140: added router parameters required for linking to specific places in the plugin from the Dashboard;
  • WEB-1141: covered the Dashboard with integration tests;
  • WEB-1192: added a tooltip comment for Python/Ruby Applications and removed "v." for PHP in the Dashboard;
  • WEB-1162: implemented UI/UX fixes and improvements for the Dashboard;
  • WEB-1177: added the handling of cases when the cloudlinux-summary utility returned results with some missed keys;
  • WEB-1154: use cloudlinux-summary as source data for the Dashboard;
  • WEB-1138: prepare a structure for the Dashboard and build mock response data;
  • WEB-1139: prepare a template with styles for the Dashboard.


  • WEB-1237: adapt the imunify-av installer for use in;
  • WEB-1232: display a link to ImunifyAV in DirectAdmin;
  • WEB-1208: allowed the LVE Manager to install ImunifyAV;
  • WEB-1196: implemented link and banner for transition to Imunify Antivirus;
  • WEB-1211: updated imunify-antivirus initialization status for waiting ready status.

Other changes:

  • LU-993: cron output: Backend is unhealthy;
  • adapted code for old load spinner;
  • WEB-1056: close inactive accordion groups in options tab to show only active groups;
  • WEB-163: cover utility cloudlinux-cli with unit tests (checking of Permissions).

Release Notes:

  • added Dashboard with statistics data on server;
  • added ability to go to the ImunifyAV plugin;
  • fixed error message when is unavailable and cache is being updated by cron (LU-993).
mod_lsapi updated
Beta: Alt-PHP updated

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