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Used by more than 4,000 hosting customers and partners, and powering over 20 million websites, CloudLinux products deliver stability and profitability for your Linux servers.

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For Your Linux VPS, Dedicated, and Shared Servers


Supported Hardware

CloudLinux OS runs on all the hardware supported by CentOS/RHEL


Supported Operating Systems

CloudLinux OS can be installed on new Linux servers or can convert existing CentOS/RHEL servers with a single script without any customer configs or data changes. CloudLinux’s CentOS-like interface alleviates the learning curve and makes administrators feel instantly at home.

To deploy CloudLinux OS:

  • To convert existing CentOS/RHEL servers to CloudLinux OS - see "Installing on CentOS server" article.
    Note: if you are converting Hyper-V servers, make sure you upgrade to the latest CentOS first.
  • To install on the new system - click here.



CloudLinux OS is fully compatible with cPanel, DirectAdmin, and Plesk control panels and with most software commonly used with CentOS and RHEL.
For all other control panels, we have implemented a single mechanism that allows to integrate CloudLinux OS into any control panel.

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