CloudLinux - PHP X-Ray beta-testing

When a web site slows down, there’s usually a problem with its content management system. To restore its performance, it used to be necessary to delve into its WordPress, Joomla, or Drupal installation and diagnose the problem by hand. Now, on servers that run CloudLinux OS+, performance problems can be identified immediately using a new tool called PHP X-Ray.

PHP X-Ray, included with CloudLinux OS+, provides detailed information on performance bottlenecks that involve the CMS. If a site has sluggish plugins, database queries, functions, or external calls, this new tool helps pinpoint the underlying problem. Below are instructions on how to use it to fix a slow site.

This video provides an example of how PHP X-Ray might be used to troubleshoot and fix a CMS performance problem.


Easy to install

Out-of-the-box, supported, problem-focused monitoring solution that not requires implementation and continuous support by engineering teams in the future.


Simpler solution for the teams that don't have enough competences to build it in-house.

Simple detection

Detailed per-user view, integrated with LVE (unlike any available solution).

Free beta

Just login to CLN and click on the CloudLinux OS+ beta testing banner.




Troubleshooting Performance Problems

PHP X-Ray was developed specifically to troubleshoot performance issues in PHP-based web sites, such as:

  • Slow plugins

  • Slow database queries

  • Slow functions

  • Slow external calls

We want this new tool to be effective right out of the box, as well as trouble-free and easy to use. It will provide a detailed per-user view.

Become A Beta Tester

Login to CLN

To become a beta tester, login to CLN, then click on the CloudLinux OS+ beta testing banner. NOTE: you'll need CloudLinux OS license (key-based, not ip-based) ordered directly from CloudLinux to participate in beta testing. Beta testing not available for reseller accounts.

Help Us Test This Tool

By becoming a beta tester, you’ll be able to help shape this new tool to meet your requirements. 

For Running

CloudLinux OS: 6, 6 Hybrid, 7, 7 Hybrid, 8
cPanel, Plesk, DirectAdmin
Any (without analyzing plugin performance), Wordpress (with analyzing plugin performance)
ALT PHP: alt-php54, alt-php55, alt-php56, alt-php70, alt-php71, alt-php72, alt-php73, alt-php74. EA PHP: ea-php54, ea-php55, ea-php56, ea-php70, ea-php71, ea-php72, ea-php73, ea-php74. PHP handlers: lsapi, suphp, cgi, fpm.


Servers Running




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