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Pagely deployed KernelCare to improve server security and reduce downtime

Pagely deployed KernelCare to improve server security and reduce downtime


We are excited to share that Pagely, the enterprise managed WordPress hosting provider, has deployed KernelCare for their WordPress hosted customers. KernelCare keeps Linux servers secure, allowing Pagely to apply the latest security patches to their server's kernel quickly and without the requirement for a reboot to reload the kernel.

Established in 2009, Pagely leads the market in innovation, speed, scalability, and security of WordPress. Robert Rowley, Pagely’s head of information security, said that this partnership with KernelCare “has been a win-win". Emphatically adding, "Reboots are a thing of the past!" With KernelCare, Pagely’s customers get the benefit of fast security patches without the risk of downtime related to reboots.

Pagely has implemented KernelCare rebootless technology free of charge to all customers as part of their PressARMOR™ security offering. PressARMOR helps prevent and mitigate attacks using security best practices, like firewalls and patching, but it is not limited to just software. It also includes how Pagely trains staff, performs outreach and researches new threats. Here, you can learn more about PressARMOR.

To read more about what deploying KernelCare means to Pagely’s customers, visit this page.

Beta: LVE Manager updated
Beta: ea-ruby24-mod-passenger updated


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Wednesday, 20 February 2019

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