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KernelCare is now available in Plesk

KernelCare is now available in Plesk

Live patching and better security is now available right inside Plesk’s extensions catalog! With KernelCare, Plesk users will no longer need to bring their servers down due to security patching. It installs in minutes with a single line of code and without a reboot, and allows companies get rid of current and newly discovered kernel vulnerabilities.

KernelCare’s live patching service is versatile as it supports most popular Linux distributions. The CMO & VP Marketing & Alliances of Plesk Lukas Hertig said that offering better and more secure services to customers is their top priority, and with KernelCare, they can ensure that not only their customers are happier - they can focus on running their businesses instead of patching their servers.

To purchase KernelCare for Plesk, customers of Plesk can directly access KernelCare in-app from the Plesk Extensions catalog or by navigating to their extensions directory.

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KernelCare is supported in Plesk 12.5 and up, including Plesk Onyx. For earlier versions of Plesk, KernelCare can be purchased directly from  

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