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KernelCare is now available in ISPmanager Lite

KernelCare is now available in ISPmanager Lite

ISPsystem resellers can enable resale of KernelCare directly to their customers

In the beginning of April, ISPsystem has offered KernelCare for purchase directly from their control panel, and now it is also available for users of ISPmanager Lite. ISPmanager Lite provides a rich feature set for managing websites, creating users, handling domains, emails, databases, etc. The panel already has lots of various integrations and now it has added KernelCare to deliver even more value (and money) for partners and more security for end-users.

If you are an official partner of ISPsystem, you can now resell KernelCare directly to your customers and make the rebootless kernel update feature available for them - you can find the KernelCare option in your ISPmanager Lite -> Integrations -> modules.

We hope you participate in this program to help us keep kernels updated without reboots! For more information on how to resell ISPsystem’s modules, click here.

If you’d like more information on KernelCare in ISPmanager Lite, visit this page.


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