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Dirty Cow: visual patch release timeline

Dirty Cow: visual patch release timeline
All Linux distributors took the Dirty Cow vulnerability seriously, releasing patches as quickly as possible. However, some did better than others. Here, we’ve put together a visual chart of when major Linux distributions released their patches, and when live patch technologies, like our own KernelCare (which supports most distributions), and Oracle’s Ksplice, did*. We think our kernel security team did pretty well, but of course, we always strive to address critical vulnerabilities as soon as we can.
Dirty Cow Patch Release
The KernelCare team has been releasing patches rapidly. For example, for Dirty Cow, patches in KernelCare were released on October 21st for RHEL, Debian, Ubuntu, CloudLinux OS, CentOS, and OpenVZ. For current customers, patches became available within 4 hours after their release–the interval the KernelCare agent checks for new patches–and  customers were able to manually (without a reboot) kick off the rebootless kernel update at any time. For new customers, and even new trial accounts, the fix would happen upon KernelCare installation, also without a reboot.

KernelCare supports approximately 800 kernels out-of-the-box, but it also supports custom kernel live patching.

Check out KernelCare. Our free, 30-day trial does not require any credit card information, and even with the trial, it brings your kernel security up to date, whether you decide to keep the service or not.

*Note: We tried to be as accurate as possible displaying this information, but if you see any inconsistencies, please do let us know in the comments section below, and we'll correct it promptly.

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Wednesday, 16 October 2019

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