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A look at KernelCare, in under 90 seconds

A look at KernelCare, in under 90 seconds

Linux servers have to be rebooted quite often to update security issues that pop up in the kernel. Such reboots usually take time to plan and execute. To minimize the impact on end users, they are often done in the middle of the night and are stressful for sysadmins. These complications lead to delays in updates. Running an insecure kernel is not only incredibly risky but for some organizations, it even violates their compliance requirements.

But there is a better way - KernelCare. It provides rebootless kernel security updates for most popular Linux distributions. 

Take a look at our new 90 seconds video that gives you “in a nutshell” view of the product.

And if you’d like to take it for a spin, we offer a free trial.

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