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Automatically detects and throttles abusers, keeping your servers high-performing



MySQL Governor

MySQL is one of the main causes of issues on a shared server. MySQL Governor monitors MySQL usage and throttles abusers, preventing them from overloading the server, which improves overall stability and performance. 

MySQL often becomes a major headache for shared hosting companies. Keeping MySQL stable is difficult, and customer queries can easily slow everything down. This is where MySQL Governor comes in. Its ability to pinpoint abusers and throttle them in real time is unprecedented in the industry. With support from the latest versions of MySQL and MariaDB, it is a must-have for any shared host.

MySQL Governor tracks CPU and disk IO usage for every user in real time and throttles MySQL queries by using same-per-user LVE limits. By using the dbtop utility, it is possible to see usage as it happens on a per-customer basis, ensuring that system admins always know what is going on.


MySQL Governor features: 

  • Stable, simple limits counted as part of LVE limits
  • Automatic detection and killing of long-running queries
  • MySQL 5.1 – 5.7 support
  • MariaDB 5.x and 10.x support

As a result, hosting companies can carefully throttle resources to maintain performance across servers without instantly disconnecting users.


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Highly Compatible

Enjoy the increased stability of CloudLinux OS without sacrificing compatibility. It works with all
major control panels and is compatible with most software commonly used with CentOS and RHEL.

Easy to Get Started

A single script converts existing servers without any customer configs or data changes.
A CentOS-like interface makes you feel instantly at home. It is highly compatible and works
with all software commonly used with CentOS and RHEL.

If you have any questions, please email sales at [email protected]

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