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Imunify360 2.6.7 released

Imunify360 2.6.7 released

We are pleased to announce that the new updated stable Imunify360 version 2.6.7 is now available. This latest version embodies further improvements of the product as well as the new features. Imunify360 has also become more reliable and stable due to the bug fixes described below.

Should you encounter any problems with the product or have any questions, comments or suggestions, please contact our support team at Imunify360 department. We’d be more than happy to help you.

Imunify360 2.6.7


  • DEF-3169: added a possibility to migrate user CAPTCHA customization files to Nginx;
  • DEF-3497: added a possibility to migrate user CAPTCHA localization files to Nginx;
  • DEF-3331, DEF-3517, DEF-3518, DEF-3614: added Nginx CAPTCHA DOS detection;
  • DEF-3428, DEF-3615]: improved Invisible CAPTHCHA for Nginx;
  • DEF-3445: ModSec vendors are now updated after getting a specific message from central server;
  • DEF-3738: CLN now receives hostname parameter for each server;
  • DEF-3809, DEF-3801, DEF-3074: recreating rules and sets with restore commands;
  • added main IP into imunify-doctor;
  • DEF-3074, DEF-3359, DEF-3356, DEF-3460]: refactored rule creation in iptables using iptables-restore;
  • DEF-2986: added IP to WhiteList with TTL;
  • DEF-3321: added ability to edit TTL for White/Black lists (backend);
  • DEF-3449: removed unnecessary requests from Setting tab;
  • DEF-3308: improved displaying of files quarantined by mod_security;
  • DEF-3327: ipset commands are queued until ipset rules are NA;
  • DEF-3440: infected-domains cli command now uses RPC;
  • DEF-3481: mod_security vendors are not installed on Plesk;
  • DEF-3545: removed license fallback code;
  • DEF-3171: added redirect from Plesk admin panel ports to captcha;
  • DEF-3318: in cPanel search one now can find Imunify360 under “firewall” keyword;
  • DEF-3389: added license key form in Plesk if an extension has been installed from deploy-script;
  • DEF-3222: implemented refactor malware\restore settings schema;
  • DEF-3266: migration for marking quarantined files as malicious after update;
  • DEF-3064: merged Malicious and Quarantine tables - backend part;
  • DEF-3274: malicious files - "move-to-ignore" action;
  • DEF-3215: CLI for Acronis Backus System management;
  • DEF-3007: adopted restore from backup library;
  • DEF-3113: implemented restore from backup Admin Setting BACKEND;
  • DEF-3114: implemented restore from backup User Setting BACKEND;
  • DEF-2955: implemented restore from backup - Admin - Settings (UI);
  • DEF-2956: implemented restore from backup - Admin - Dashboard, Malicious (UI);
  • DEF-3065, DEF-3193: CLI for end user side;
  • DEF-3112: Ignore List for end user;
  • DEF-3265: do not show non root users part of admin settings;
  • DEF-2957: implemented restore from backup - User - Settings (UI);
  • DEF-2958: implemented restore from backup - User - Dashboard (UI);
  • DEF-2959: implemented restore from backup - User - Ignore list (UI);
  • DEF-3000, DEF-3161, DEF-3165: adopted nginx catcha to imunify360 agent;
  • DEF-3136: added confirmation pop-up for actions with IPs on the Incidents tab;
  • DEF-3178: added svg usage where it is possible;
  • DEF-3208: "Added" date & "Remove and recheck" for Ignore list;
  • DEF-1974: added ability to update geodb;
  • DEF-2930: IPv6 for flag of country;
  • DEF-2931: IPv6 ranges for blacklist country;
  • DEF-3253: make configurable;
  • DEF-3037: CLI for Captcha texts customization;
  • DEF-3198: `checkdb` CLI improvements.


  • DEF-3650: Error 400 is now not logged in Sentry;
  • DEF-3648: fixed BrokenPipeError;
  • DEF-3667: fixed AttributeError for CAPTCHA;
  • DEF-1355: fixed Bad input from ssl certificates;
  • DEF-3495: fixed Permission denied with /var/log/imunify360_user_logs;
  • DEF-3706: fixed AttributeError in the module 'aiohttp';
  • DEF-2456: fixed "DatabaseError: database disk image is malformed";
  • DEF-3278: the result for `imunify360-agent update` is now showed;
  • DEF-3742 DEF-3743: fixed `imunify360-agent update` issues;
  • DEF-3800: fixed SIGPIPE when external process is executed;
  • DEF-3877: fixed iplist expiration <-> dos_expiration discrepancy;
  • DEF-3882: empty countries and subnets tables now fills during files update;
  • DEF-3894: allowed migrations access database from main thread;
  • DEF-3876: addws ipv6 localhost to config;
  • DEF-3257: now Imunify360 use old configuration when config file is broken;
  • DEF-3283: ignored files get quarantined after scanning;
  • DEF-3665: fixed error in migration;
  • DEF-3195: replaced Error with Notice if mod_remoteip is already installed;
  • DEF-3646: allowed Nginx CAPTCHA activation for Plesk;
  • DEF-3669: fixed arbitrary file access vulnerability reported by Patrick William @Rack911Labs;
  • DEF-3594: fixed imunify360-captchaserver-nginx version;
  • fixed "max_days_in_backup" option name in UI;
  • DEF-3453 fixed empty page after reload with #/license in URL;
  • DEF-3502: fixed heuristic scanner to support non-unicode filenames;
  • DEF-3355: fixed “TypeError: e.ERROR_REPORTING is undefined”;
  • DEF-3359: fixed imunify360-agent import blocked_ports may block captcha ports;
  • DEF-3362: fixed captchaserver-nginx is running, even if nginx-captcha is not installed;
  • DEF-3382: fixed imunify360-captchaserver-nginx reload;
  • DEF-3444: fixed "Integer required" message if Auto white list timeout is "0";
  • DEF-3338: fixed performance issues in tables;
  • DEF-3421: fixed a root privilege escalation vulnerability, reported by Patrick William from Rack911Labs.

To install new Imunify360 version 2.6.7, please follow the instructions in the documentation.

To upgrade Imunify360 run:

yum update imunify360-firewall imunify360-captchaserver-nginx

More information on Imunify360 can be found here.

Beta: mod_hostinglimits updated
Alt-PHP updated


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Saturday, 14 December 2019

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