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Black Friday Phishing, Anyone?

Black Friday Phishing, Anyone?

If this year’s Black Friday/Cyber Monday online shopping season is anything like last year's, it'll be a turkey shoot, not only for shoppers, but for hackers too.

Bargain hunters are impetuous by nature, the online species more so. In the heady excitement of discount fever virulent throughout the forthcoming holidays, shoppers are more likely to click a phishing link without checking it first. They’re also more likely to be shopping on a mobile device, where it’s harder to see if a site is genuine or not.

Billions of dollars will pass from customer to online shop, some of it through, or aided by, your servers. Your success as a hoster depends on the success of your customers' sites being free of malware and protected from cyber attack. A failure to take security seriously is a failure for everyone, from hoster, to tenant, to online shopper.

Imunify360 takes the weight of security off your shoulders. It is a fully automated and completely comprehensive security solution built specially for web hosting. Use this time before Thanksgiving to try it for free for 30 days, keeping you and your customers protected over the entire holiday period.

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Thursday, 21 November 2019

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