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Beta: Imunify360 2.7.3 released

Beta: Imunify360 2.7.3 released

We are pleased to announce that a new beta Imunify360 version 2.7.3 is now available.



  • DEF-4065: fix for ConnectionRefusedError in;
  • DEF-4098: fix for BrokenPipeError in;
  • DEF-4133: fixed an error on register from UI;
  • DEF-4147: action "Put malicious to quarantine" does not now support submitting - UI;
  • DEF-4148: action "Put malicious to quarantine" does not now support submitting - agent;
  • DEF-4174: fix for “database is locked during upgrade”;
  • DEF-4142: backup check now shows backup status even if error occurs;
  • DEF-4352: fixed console.log overloading with huge graylisted/blacklisted ips synclist;
  • DEF-4353: fixed console.log overloading with excessive `client360: data_received` diagnostic messages;
  • DEF-4232: fixed validation for countries;
  • DEF-4145: warning is not returned now if backup init is in progress;
  • DEF-3709: icons in features component are now aligned properly;
  • DEF-4342: fixed version cmd output.

New features

  • DEF-2654: auto-blacklisted IPs are now displayed in UI;
  • DEF-3908: improved new Backups settings page;
  • DEF-4345: added no-captcha block support;
  • DEF-4412: blacklist is now manageable in CSF mode;
  • DEF-4411: auto-blacklisted IPs UI - handle case with CSF enabled.

To install a new beta Imunify360 version 2.7.3 please follow the instructions in the documentation.

Upgrade is available since Imunify360 version 2.0-19 and later.

To upgrade Imunify360 run the command:

yum update imunify360-firewall --enablerepo=imunify360-testing

More information on Imunify360 can be found here.

Should you encounter any problems with the product or have any questions, comments or suggestions, please contact our support team at Imunify360 department. We’d be more than happy to help you.

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Monday, 16 December 2019

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