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Beta: Imunify360 2.4-6 released

Beta: Imunify360 2.4-6 released

We are pleased to announce that the new updated beta Imunify360 version 2.4-6 is now available. This latest version embodies further improvements of the product as well as new features. Imunify360 also has become more reliable and stable due to the bug fixes described below.

Should you encounter any problems with product or have any questions, comments or suggestions, please contact our support team at Imunify360 department. We’d be more than happy to help you.


Imunify360 2.4-6


  • DEF-2297: WaF and OSSEC improvements;
  • DEF-2300: enable/disable mod_security rule (cPanel);
  • DEF-2301: enable/disable OSSEC rule;
  • DEF-2303: enable/disable mod_security rule (Plesk);
  • DEF-2342: ignoring OSSEC rules on OSSEC level;
  • DEF-2366: database tables and CLI implementation for ignored rules;
  • DEF-2298: firewall improvements;
  • DEF-2299: block ports;
  • DEF-1914: added more tooltips and improve descriptions;
  • DEF-1915: add auto-refresh for incidents table (imunify360-firewall);
  • DEF-1973: implemented firewall screen improvements;
  • DEF-2006: displaying license warning (bell-notification) if license is expected to expire soon;
  • DEF-2108: filtering suspicious and quarantined files by on-demand scan ID;
  • DEF-2187: added detailed info for CSF warnings on malware page;
  • DEF-2310: notifying when DoS Protection is disabled due to CSF;
  • DEF-2312: reimplemented conflicts command;
  • DEF-2162: moved "Attributions" tab to settings;
  • DEF-2408: improved Imunify360-doctor;
  • DEF-2396: added Imunify360 to cPanel Service Monitor;
  • DEF-2398, DEF-2364: feature doctor with graylist_vs_ipset_diff.


  • DEF-2291: added reputation management for Plesk subdomains;
  • DEF-2308: fixed RuntimeError: Set changed size during iteration;
  • DEF-2311: fixed confirmation message text layout;
  • DEF-2317: fixed KeyError: 'summary';
  • DEF-2319: two ERRORs for Plesk clean install;
  • DEF-2336: fixed “Could not open file” issue;
  • DEF-2344: fixed incorrect max_count in suspicious query;
  • DEF-2354: displaying suspicious files correctly;
  • DEF-2320: deploy script: do not provide --key to install Plesk;
  • DEF-2273: Plesk: rewritten command execution wrapper with python\bash;
  • DEF-2355: enabled clamav i360 signatures in malscan lib;
  • DEF-2360: fixed CLI output for {white, gray, black} list IP move subcommand;
  • DEF-2367: increased console logs size;
  • DEF-2369: fixed UnicodeDecodeError: 'utf-8' codec can't decode byte 0xc0 in position 258: invalid start byte;
  • DEF-2371, DEF-2378: displaying in status that ea-php not supported for ea3;
  • DEF-2372: malware conflict fixes;
  • DEF-2373: corrected is_present_rule;
  • DEF-2374: added 'ERROR: Patches server is unreachable';
  • DEF-2377: does not send empty incident list;
  • DEF-2383: improved CLI registration output;
  • DEF-2397: checking for mod_security in malware conflicts module;
  • DEF-2410: freeze version for imunify360-malware-signature;
  • DEF-2398: fixed missing IPs in ipset graylist;
  • DEF-2330: fixed ValueError: Number of features of the model must match the input. Model n_features is 99 and input n_features...

To instal new beta Imunify360 version 2.4-6 please follow the instructions inthe documentation.

The upgrading is available since 2.0-19 version.

To upgrade Imunify360 run the command:

yum update imunify360-firewall --enablerepo=imunify360-testing

More information on Imunify360 can be found here.

CageFS updated
Beta: Alt-PHP updated


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Saturday, 19 October 2019

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