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Beta: Imunify360 2.2-5 released

Beta: Imunify360 2.2-5 released

We are pleased to announce that the new updated beta Imunify360 version 2.2-5 is now available. This latest version embodies further improvements of the product as well as new features. Imunify360 also has become more reliable and stable due to the bug fixes described below.

Should you encounter any problems with product or have any questions, comments or suggestions, please contact our support team at Imunify360 department. We’d be more than happy to help you.

Release notes

  • Added support of subnets on agent. Sometimes we want to block large quantities of IPs - up to 4M at a time, but there are limitations on a number of entries ipsets can handle. So, now we are able to block subnets, instead of individual IPs - giving us the ability to block significantly more offenders at any given moment. The feature is flexible enough to block the whole subnet, while still allowing few IPs from the subnet to go through without captcha. [DEF-1102]
  • Implemented Captcha localization. Captcha page is localized in 20 languages. The language will be selected based on visitor's browser preferences. Screenshot attached. Supported languages: English, Dutch, Ukrainian, Arabic, Italian, Chinese (Traditional), Polish, Danish, Hungarian, Russian, French, Spanish, Romanian, Greek, Swedish, Turkish, Indonesian, Portuguese, Hebrew, German, Malay. [DEF-1508]

  • Captcha serves POST/PUT/DELETE/HEAD requested. Now that we have captcha working for HTTP, HTTPS, we have also added full support for most of the HTTP request types, making sure that it "always" works. [DEF-1654]
  • Does not conflict with CXS. CXS is a popular malware scanner used in the industry. Imunify360 will now detect the presence of CXS and will not enable built-in malware scanning. [DEF-1663, DEF-1652, DEF-1653]
  • Faster "netstat" for DoS Protector. Now our DoS protection works faster without requiring as many resources. [DEF-1676]


  • DEF-1102: added support of subnets on agent;
  • DEF-1367: improvements for Imunify360 UI;
  • DEF-1418: rewriting on-demand scans to directly use clamscan;
  • DEF-1469, DEF-1725: implemented news section - UI;
  • DEF-1508: Captcha localization;
  • DEF-1616: integrated with ossec v2.9.0;
  • DEF-1663, DEF-1652, DEF-1653: does not conflict with CXS;
  • DEF-1654: Captcha serves POST/PUT/DELETE/HEAD requested;
  • DEF-1655: does not wait for file submission when running malware commands;
  • DEF-1658: made List CLI return IPs only;
  • DEF-1672: several changes in license page;
  • DEF-1676: faster "netstat" for Dos Protector;
  • DEF-1682: monitor "WordPress login attempts" in ModSec, not in Ossec;
  • DEF-1683: blocking by ModSecurity in CSF COOP;
  • DEF-1693, DEF-1781: added ability to disable Dos Protector;
  • DEF-1731: stop deleting OWASP vendor;
  • DEF-1743: made invisible captcha instant;
  • DEF-1770, DEF-1824: integrate log level ossec and mod_sec;
  • DEF-1715, DEF-1546: adding uptime robot and geoPlugin IP addresses to the Whitelist.


  • DEF-1268: trimming leading zero before sending updating request to backend;
  • DEF-1356: fixed Error: ALT-PHP comparable only with Easy Apache 4!;
  • DEF-1357: fixed error happened while initialize model at path . Using stub instead;
  • DEF-1417: fixed value of IP's comment isn't taken from server's response when updated;
  • DEF-1463: “Add IP” button enabled;
  • DEF-1483: fixed input indent for Edge browser;
  • DEF-1518: fixed a bug when KernelCare plugin didn't show that kernel isn't supported;
  • DEF-1539: fixed Incident list filtering bug;
  • DEF-1550: properly handling LFD duplicates;
  • DEF-1557: fixed behaviour when Imunify ModSec setup conflicted with EA3;
  • DEF-1574: obtaining domain names from certificate rather then from whmapi1;
  • DEF-1583: maldet is not actually killed when user stops on-demand scan;
  • DEF-1610: fixed empty Captcha log on CentOS/CL 6;
  • DEF-1656: fixed search component margin and country code bug;
  • DEF-1752: “move” CLI command adds permanent TTL;
  • DEF-1757: using bytes instead of strings in inotify library;
  • DEF-1797: displaying correct severity highlighting for "modsec" plugin;
  • DEF-1569: added max number for AUTO_WHITELIST;
  • DEF-1650: import only valid IPv4 from cPHulk;
  • DEF-1815: fixed a bug when inotify setup blocked event loop for a long time;
  • DEF-1792: fixed real time scan via modsec.

To instal new beta Imunify360 version 2.2-5 please follow the instructions inthe documentation.

The upgrade is available since version 2.0-19.

To upgrade Imunify360 run the command:

yum update imunify360-firewall --enablerepo=imunify360-testing

More information on Imunify360 can be found here.

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Monday, 27 January 2020

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