Our Hiring Process

From Applicant to Employee:
How We Hire

We want all of our team members to feel comfortable working together. Our extensive hiring process helps us ensure new hires are a good match for both the new employee and the existing team members. The entire process usually takes about one to two weeks.

Step 1


This interview focuses on basic information. It helps us understand if we’re cut from the same cloth and share similar values in work and life. The HR interview also gives us an opportunity to find out what you aspire to in your career and how you imagine your future with CloudLinux. We want to make sure expectations coincide with reality and both of us will be satisfied with the outcome.

If you pass the HR interview, you’ll be invited to take the screening test on Codility.

Step 2

Test on

Our aim for the test on Codility is to gain an independent, objective, and thorough assessment of a candidate’s technical skills. Based on the results of the test, we will be able to evaluate fit and level for each position.

If you pass the screening requirements of the test, you’ll be invited to a technical interview.

Step 3


Each candidate that successfully passes the Codility test is invited to a technical interview with a specialist. Your interviewing specialist does not have to be your future Team Leaders or Project Managers, or even member of your future team. The questions in the interview will be structured in a way to give us an opportunity to estimate both the depth of your knowledge and skills.

If you successfully make it through the technical interview, you’ll be invited to meet our CEO.

Step 4

with Our CEO

CloudLinux is a transparent company with flat management. Our CEO still codes and actively participates in team building. Your last interview will be both technical and general, formal and informal. You can ask any questions you may have. The goal of this conversation is to confirm that we really fit each other in the best possible way.

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