CloudLinux - Using applications in cPanel
Getting started with KuberDock


In this article, we are going to explain which options are available to KuberDock application users inside cPanel.

Open your cPanel web interface, go to the My Apps section to get the list of installed applications. Let’s assume there is a Wordpress pod started for this user.

Click on Choose Action to get the list of quick actions available for the pod. These are: Stop, Edit, and Delete. 

Click on the application name. Now we can see more information about the image we’ve chosen such as: current resource limits, public IPs and available ports, internal pod IP, pod status, actions and Upgrade buttons as well as add More Apps button.

By clicking on Choose Action, we can see that more actions are available now. We can stop, edit, restart, upgrade resources or delete the pod. By clicking on Edit action, you will be redirected to KuberDock web interface to be able to edit the pod. For more information about editing pods in KuberDock web interface, refer to the “How to edit KuberDock pods” video.

Let’s get back to cPanel and click on Upgrade button.

On the next page, we can see the list of packages available, similar to those we chose while ordering this Predefined application. We can choose different package by clicking on Choose package or click on Show Details to get more information about the package.

Let’s get back to cPanel and click on Choose Action button again. Upgrade resources allows you to change the number of kubes available to any docker container in this pod.

We’ll add one kube to the Wordpress pod and one kube to MySQL pod. You might notice the pod price changes accordingly.

Click on Confirm Upgrade to apply the changes.

Let’s check the last option available by clicking on Choose Actions. We will show how to remove a pod. Click on Delete and confirm removal by clicking on Delete.

Now we have reviewed the options for KuberDock applications available to cPanel users.


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