CloudLinux - Editing KuberDock pods
Getting started with KuberDock


In this article, we will explain how to edit KuberDock pod parameters.

Log into your KuberDock user account.

In this example, we have MySQL container running. Now let’s change something, for example, make this container accessible for the public.

Click on the desired pod and then click on the container you want to edit.

Move to the General section and click on Edit.

Change the value we decided to edit, by checking “Public” for the container port

Scroll down and Save the changes.

Now we can see the changes we have just made, Public option changed from No to Yes for the container port.

Now we need to restart the pod to apply the changes.

The pod status will change from “running” to “pending modified” while restarting it.

Please allow a few minutes to start the pod. It should change its status to Running.

Now we can see that the pod has got Public IP.