CloudLinux - Integrating cPanel with KuberDock without WHMCS
Getting started with KuberDock


In this article, we are going to show you how to integrate your cPanel server with your KuberDock cluster if you have no billing solution in place.

First, we would need to enable the “ProxyPreserveHost” option in the global Apache webserver configuration.

So, here are the steps:

  • Log in to your WHM as root;
  • Go to “Service Configuration” and choose “Apache Configuration” box, then click “Include Editor” link;
  • Click on PreMain Include link to edit settings;
  • Click on Select Apache version drop-down selector;
  • And select “All versions”;
  • Type ProxyPreserveHost On in the textbox below and click on the Update button to save changes;
  • After that, click on the “Restart Apache” button to apply changes.

Now, let’s proceed to the KuberDock plugin installation.

Log into your cPanel server via SSH using your preferred terminal application.

Download and install the plugin using the following syntax:

bash ./

Enter your Master server IP or hostname when asked by the script

Enter admin credentials and allow the installation process a few minutes to finish.

If you mistyped the IP, username or password, this info can be updated later in WHM. The steps required for that are:

Scroll down the WHM left menu to the Plugins section, click on KuberDock then click on Edit kubecli.conf. 
Here you can update KuberDock master URL and admin credentials.

So that, you have your cPanel instance integrated with KuberDock cluster so your customers can launch predefined applications without leaving their control panel.



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