CloudLinux - Adding kube types
Getting started with KuberDock


In this article, we are going to show you how to manage and configure Kube Types.

First of all, a bit of explanation:

  • Kube - is an abstract minimal set of resources allocated to a container.
  • Kube Type - is a particular set of resources predefined for each container.

Kubes can be of multiple types and different KuberDock nodes can support different Kube Types. For instance, if the CPU capacity prevails on the node you may set it as "High CPU". If RAM prevails, you may set the node as "High Memory". So, pods will be created on different nodes, according to the selected Kube Type.

Such setup allows service provider to sell different sets of resources at different prices, as well as resources based on different hardware.

In order to manage “Kube Types”, go to Addons menu and choose KuberDock Addons. On this page, all the KuberDock packages with all Kube Types are displayed.

Click Add Kube Type on the right:

Specify all the necessary information according to the instruction:

  • Choose server where this kube type will be used;
  • New Kube Type name, which will be displayed to a user in WHMCS and KuberDock interface;
  • CPU limits in percent allocated to one Kube;
  • 0.1 means 10% of a CPU core; 1.5 means 100% of one core and 50% of another.
  • Memory limits → RAM capacity for one Kube;
  • HDD limits → disc space allocated for one Kube.

Click Add to create Kube Type with all specified parameters.

Add all the necessary Kube Types and click Pricing tab, where you can set the price per one Kube for each Kube Type.


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