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Getting started with KuberDock


This article explains how to configure billing packages in WHMCS to enable charging for predefined applications.

Go to the Setup section, choose Products/Services and click on Create a New Product.

Enter the following information:

Product Type - choose Other Products/Services;

Product Group - choose product group that you have created before plugin activation while setting up WHMCS. To review that step once again, click here: Product Name - enter your package name; this name will be displayed to a user in WHMCS.

When done, click Continue. Choose Module Settings tab, Select KuberDock for Module Name and click Save Changes.

In Server Group field choose a server group created for KuberDock.

In Service payment type field choose proper billing period: “hourly”, “monthly”, “quarterly”, “annual” - resource usage statistic will be collected every selected period.

In Billing type choose the billing behavior you prefer, PAYG (pay-as-you-go) or Fixed price:

PAYG -- the user can start a pod or an application without paying for it on the spot, but rather as soon as WHMCS gets statistic data - every 24 hours.

Fixed price -- user needs to pay first and then use a pod or an application.

Click Debug Mode checkbox to trace errors related to the communication with API. To view this log in WHMCS go to Utility section, choose Logs, then choose Module log.

In First deposit field specify the sum of money a user should deposit to start using KuberDock predefined applications. Note, when setting prices for package components, default WHMCS currency is used.

In Price for IP field specify the Public IP usage cost.

In Price for persistent storage field specify persistent storage usage cost.

In case you need to restrict the user from creating pods in KuberDock User Interface check Restricted users.

If you need to create a package with the trial period, check the “Trial package” option and specify the number of days for the trial period in User Free Trial period field. Kube Types for such package will be limited to 10 Kubes per user.

Choose the product setup strategy.

When done, click Save changes - this package will be updated on KuberDock side right after clicking Save changes.

To activate or deactivate the created package, proceed to addons menu in WHMCS web interface and select KuberDock addon. After that, by selecting the required KubeType, you can activate or deactivate packages for it.


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