CloudLinux - Adding predefined applications with integrated WHMCS
Getting started with KuberDock


This article explains how to add predefined application to a KuberDock cluster with integrated WHMCS billing system.

A Predefined application is an application with pre-configured basic settings to simplify its deployment with the KuberDock platform.

Start with Logging into the KuberDock web interface as admin.

First, you should specify the link to billing system script, which will receive and send predefined application data.

In the main menu choose Settings and enter correct path in “Link to billing system script field”.

Create a new predefined application.

In the main menu, choose Predefined application - you will get to the page with the list of all already added applications.

Click “Add new application”.

...And perform the following steps:

  • Choose ready-to-use YAML files from the CloudLinux github repository at
  • Choose the application you need and copy YAML code. Paste it in a text area in KuberDock web interface. Enter the name of your application in “App name” field Click "Add" button to save the application and make it available to run by a user.

Also, you can Upload YAML. by Clicking "Upload yaml" button, choose the proper file at your computer and repeat all the steps from the first variant.

You can click on the name of a predefined application to see user’s view of the application setup.

To place a link to the application on 3rd party websites, use the link in the address bar while on application page or click Copy link in the list of predefined applications.


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