CloudLinux - Integrating WHMCS with KuberDock
Getting started with KuberDock


This article explains how to integrate WHMCS with KuberDock.

We’ll need a web browser and your preferred SSH terminal application.

Let’s open SSH session to the server where WHMCS resides.

We’ll need to download the latest version of the plugin from the kuberdock public repository - and unzip it into the root directory of the WHMCS installation.

You can download it using “wget” command, using the following syntax:


Make sure to synchronize the system time on the WHMCS server using ntpdate command:


KuberDock and WHMCS servers should be in sync in regards to the system time in order to properly communicate with each other.

Now let’s login to WHMCS web interface to add KuberDock instance.

In order to do this, go to Setup, find Products/Services section and choose Servers.

Click Add new server and fill in the proper fields:

In Add server section specify:

  • Name - enter preferred KuberDock instance name;
  • Hostname - leave blank;
  • IP Address - enter KuberDock master-server IP address.

In Server details section specify:

  • Type -- choose KuberDock from drop-down menu;
  • Username -- enter KuberDock master server administrator name;
  • Password -- enter KuberDock master server administrator password.

Check “Secure” checkbox to use secure connection, then click Save Changes.

Click Edit button, go to Server details section and click Test Connection button to check the validity of specified data. If you see the Successful! message, then click Save Changes. If not, check your KuberDock administrator credentials once again.

The next required step is adding a KuberDock server group. In Servers section click Create new group:

In Name field enter a name for your KuberDock server group.

Choose Fill Type by checking the appropriate radio button as per your personal preference.

In Selected Servers list choose a server that you just have added on the left side and click Add. When done click Save changes.

For Activating KuberDock Addon plugin in WHMCS go to Setup section and choose Addon modules. Find KuberDock addon and click Activate in front of it.

Then click Configure button for KuberDock addon and check the Full Administrator checkbox. When done, click Save changes.

Now proceed to KuberDock web interface and log in as admin.

Go to Settings > General page, and copy Secret key for Single sign-on. Now switch back to the WHMCS server SSH session. Open the “configuration.php” file in the WHMCS root directory with your favourite text editor and add the auto auth key line:


... with your Secret KuberDock key for Single sign-on.

Return to the KuberDock web interface. Go to Settings > Billing.

Choose WHMCS in “Select your billing system” drop-down menu.

Fill in the full WHMCS server URL in the “Link to billing” field and add WHMCS admin credentials to WHMCS admin username and password fields.

Restart your web-server on WHMCS side (In CentOS this can be performed by issuing systemctl httpd restart command).