CloudLinux - Adding an IP pool in case of non-floating IPs
Getting started with KuberDock


In this article, we will explain how to add a fixed IP pool to a KuberDock node.

Each KuberDock cluster can use either floating or fixed IP pool. With fixed IP pools each node can issue public IP addresses to pods from its dedicated pool. This can be useful if the nodes are located in different data centers. The choice has to be made at the earlier stage - during KuberDock master server installation. To set this up, you need to run the deploy script on the Master server with a fixed IP pools option.

Note, that in this case, if KuberDock node fails, pods using public IPs cannot be re-created on another node as IP address migration is not possible for such setup.

To start adding IP pool Log in to KuberDock web interface as admin.

Go to the Administration section and choose IP pool.

Click “Add subnet”.

In the Subnet field specify the subnet of available IP addresses:

In Exclude IPs enter IP addresses to be excluded from this subnet.

In drop-down menu choose the necessary node for which this subnet belongs to.

When all is done, click Add to add IP addresses.

To remove a subnet, click on the Recycle bin icon and confirm this action in pop-up window.


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