CloudLinux - Adding an IP pool
Getting started with KuberDock


When you have KuberDock Master installed and at least one node is added to the cluster, you can add public IP to be used by your applications.

In this article, we will explain how to add an IP pool.

If you run KuberDock master installation without any specific options related to public IP pools, they default to the floating type of IP addresses. Public IPs will be automatically assigned to pods from this IP pool by KuberDock. This also means that addresses from this IP pool can migrate between nodes in case of automatic pod recovery after node’s failure.

To start adding IP Pool, Log in to KuberDock web interface as admin.

Go to Administration section and choose IP pool and click Add subnet.

In Subnet field specify the IP subnet of available IPs:

In Exclude IPs enter IP addresses to be excluded from this subnet.

When all is done, click Add to add IPs.

To delete a subnet, click on Recycle bin icon and confirm this action in pop-up window.