CloudLinux - Adding a node
Getting started with KuberDock


Once you have KuberDock master server installed and fully operational, you can start adding nodes. You won’t be able to launch applications if there are no nodes present in KuberDock cluster.

You would need a clean 64 bit Centos 7 system in order to proceed. If you plan to utilize the automatic pod recovery functionality with the public IP migration, all the nodes have to be in the same network subnet (You may need to consult with your server provider regarding this).

So, let’s add a node to our master server:

We’ll need to Log in to the KuberDock master server command line interface as root using your preferred SSH terminal application.

Copy SSH key of engine X user to the node, by issuing the following syntax:

ssh-copy-id -i /var/lib/nginx/.ssh/ [email protected]_node

You will be prompted for the password of the root user on the target node. This allows the master server to communicate with the node interactively.

Log in to KuberDock UI as Admin and click “Add node”.

Specify the hostname of the node in the Node hostname field. Note that the hostname should be a fully qualified domain name or it should be listed in ETC hosts file on all the servers of the KuberDock cluster in case cluster members don't have access to DNS service.

Choose Kube Type for this node from drop-down menu. Kube Type defines the minimum amount of resources available to pods.

Click “Add” to start node installation.

Wait until the node is installed - its status in KuberDock “UI” will change from pending to running. In case something went wrong during the node installation you’ll be able to collect the installation log by clicking on the target node name in the KuberDock “UI”.


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