[Request] Add country to white list.
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  1. Leon Harbour
  2. Tuesday, 03 October 2017
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It would be nice to be able to add a country to the white list.

In my case, 99% of the legit web trafic come from 1 specific country and a very high amount of false positive target that legit trafic.
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  1. 12.10.2017 11:10:29
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Igor Ghertesco Accepted Answer
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Joined: 07.08.2015

Thank you for your request for the new feature!

We are working hard on the issue with many false positive reports, and each month we release a new update with improved algorithm, so the amount of the false positive reports should be decreased.

If we will go deep in your request then let's imagine that we let you add the country to the whitelist. This country generates 99% of the traffic. Thus, 99% of all traffic won't be scanned by Imunify360, and that means that you are using Imunify360 only for 1% of the traffic and this makes no sense.

So tell us please, if the amount of false positive reports decreases, the "add country to white list" feature will not be required?

Also, please note that adding the whole country to the whitelist is a bad practice because anyone can use the IP of the whitelisted country. Such ability creates a big hole in the security of the server and ability of Imunify360 to protect it.
  1. 03.05.2018 13:05:16
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John Accepted Answer
Agree with Leon.
In many cases is much better to whitelist small or mother country to decrease false positive blocking and valid client requests to support.
We badly need this feature, because it will significantly lower support requests without any real impact on security!
  1. 04.05.2018 11:05:17
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Vladimir Accepted Answer
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Joined: 04.07.2017
Hello, John.

I am sorry, but so far we have no plans to implement such feature. From our point of view, it is insecure to add the whole country to the whitelist because anyone can use IP of the whitelisted country. Such ability creates a big hole in the security of the server and ability of Imunify360 to protect it.
  1. 12.01.2021 19:01:20
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Shoaib Manzoor Accepted Answer
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Joined: 26.02.2021
you still not added this feature?
  1. 13.01.2021 09:01:18
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Posts: 257
Joined: 31.01.2017

Please see whitelist country add command in https://docs.imunify360.com/command_line_interface/#whitelist
Use this command with caution as it can create a security breach in your system.
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