Timeouts Installing Yetiforce
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  1. Mark Sheppard
  2. Wednesday, 05 April 2017
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Hi Everyone,
I have been trying to install Yetiforce on my server now for two days and it just keeps timing out during installation. I have increase everything needed to run the script including max execution time etc but still timeouts.

I am seeing the following errors

[Wed Apr 05 14:33:11.897181 2017] [core:alert] [pid 175250:tid 139942535579392] [client IP Address:18780] /home/username/mysubdomain/.htaccess: FcgidProcessLifeTime not allowed here, referer: http://mysubdomain/install/Install.php

Any help would be appreciated

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  1. 06.04.2017 05:04:24
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Bogdan Accepted Answer
Posts: 709
Joined: 26.06.2013

I am reading system requirements and it seems to be pretty standard CRM: https://yetiforce.com/en/implementer/installation-updates/103-web-server-requirements.html

But yes, they asks increasing timeouts where possible, like:
max_execution_time: 600 - the more, the better.

I can assume it needs more time for execution. How about the LVE limits during the install? Can you please check if they are not reached with:

lveinfo --id=userID

Maybe you just need more CPU or IO to install it?

The error provided is not relatedt to install process, it just says that FcgidProcessLifeTime directive is not applicable to be used in .htaccess file, or used PHP engine is not Fcgid.
  1. 06.04.2017 18:04:34
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Mark Sheppard Accepted Answer
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Joined: 25.04.2016
Hi Bogdan,
This is my resources limits below


When trying to install as far as i can see it is not hitting anywhere near these limits and this if the first time i have had this issue? Just cannot get it to install, i have attached a brief view of my php setup.
  1. 06.04.2017 18:04:34
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Bogdan Accepted Answer
Posts: 709
Joined: 26.06.2013
So far all seems to be good. This needs to be investigated in place, please create support ticket and provide us with access/steps where you are trying to install that CRM.
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