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  1. Nuno Leite
  2. Wednesday, 13 February 2019
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How do i make backup of the accounts on a server with the configurations of php selector and all lve definitions?

Situation 1:
I'm making backups off all accounts on a server, but as i investigate it seems that if i import the accounts to another server i have to reassign the php version to all the accounts and the modules definitions. Is this correct?

Situation 2:
Let's suppose that my actual server brakes and i loose all the information, and i need to rebuild another server and restore the backups of all the accounts 1 by 1. Where are the backup of cloudlinux (lve, php selector, etc...)?

Situation 3:
I make backups of cpanel system regularly but has i look in the files from the system backups the files from var/cagefs are not included. So, how to automatically backup lve/php selector definitions and how to restore them?

Situation 4:
If i need to create another server and move some accounts from one server to another, how do move all the accounts configurations?
If i install and configure all the server (cpanel, lve and php selector) from start and then move the accounts to the new server using the Transfer Tool, are the definitions from lve and php selector moved too, or do i need to reassign the php selector definitions?

Hope to have explained correctly.

Nuno Leite
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Accepted Answer
  1. 15.02.2019 09:02:52
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Vladimir Accepted Answer
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All PHP selector individual settings are stored in /home/username/.cl.selector directory, so you can transfer whole /home dir, and then simply install cagefs and PHP selector on a new server.

After migration you need to execute:

$ cagefsctl --setup-cl-selector
$ cagefsctl --cl-selector-reset-versions

All global settings of PHP Selector are located here: /etc/cl.selector/

To migrate LVE settings from one server to another, you need to copy /etc/container/ve.cfg on a new server and run:
# lvectl apply all

Please note: When you move ve.cfg file all users ID and packages name should be identical, as on the old server
  1. 15.02.2019 12:02:08
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Nuno Leite Accepted Answer
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Ok, thanks.

I will add the folder "/etc/cl.selector/" and the file "/etc/container/ve.cfg" to the cpanel system backups, just in case i need to restore.

Nuno Leite
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