CloudLinux Kernel 3.10.0lve1.4.2 ith Centos 7: Kernel Panic unable to mount root (VFS)
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  1. steinsgate
  2. Thursday, 18 February 2016
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Updating to the latest CloudLinux kernel with Centos 7 and ESXi 6 makes system unable to boot
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  1. 18.02.2016 06:02:45
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steinsgate Accepted Answer
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Joined: 11.02.2014
Hi there,

Updated glibc and other packages including the kernel  via yum update in Centos 7 with Plesk and CloudLinux, upon reboot the system will show a kernel panic since it is unable to mount root (apparently). Nothing has changed and I can boot the system using the previous kernel version (cloudlinux or base centos) from Grub.

However, the kernel update is broken which is very bad. Currently the kernel version 3.10.0-233.1.2.lve1.3.33.4.el7.x86_64 works, but not its update. I am not generating initrd manually or using any unusual kernel modules,etc. Just regular Centos 7 with CloudLinux (SELinux is disabled).

Any ideas ? what is the actual issue ? some missing module for VMWare in the latest update ? root uses XFS as filesystem and /boot uses ext4.

Someone else having this problem? any advice is welcome.
  1. 18.02.2016 06:02:45
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steinsgate Accepted Answer
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Joined: 11.02.2014
Running: Linux liffey 3.10.0-329.7.2.lve1.4.2.el7.x86_64 #1 SMP Wed Jan 20 10:51:51 EST 2016 x86_64 x86_64 x86_64 GNU/Linux

Just booted using another kernel and seems solved: did yum reinstall kernel, that for whatever reason pulled a new kernel again installed and it booted normally afterwards, except for the below errors:

[    9.011171] LVE: [863] lve_namespace_init: trying to create a namespace before setup
[    9.011209] LVE: [863] lve_first_init: res init -71
[    9.011253] LVE: [1097] _lve_enter: Can't alloc ve #48, rc -22
[    9.013664] systemd[1]: Got notification message for unit php-fpm.service
[    9.013671] systemd[1]: php-fpm.service: Got notification message from PID 1097 (READY=1, STATUS=Ready to handle connections, MAINPID=1097)
[    9.013675] systemd[1]: php-fpm.service: got MAINPID=1097
[    9.013679] systemd[1]: php-fpm.service: got READY=1
[    9.013714] systemd[1]: php-fpm.service changed start -> running
[    9.013719] systemd[1]: Job php-fpm.service/start finished, result=done
[    9.013729] systemd[1]: Started The PHP FastCGI Process Manager.

  1. 18.02.2016 07:02:17
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Bogdan Accepted Answer
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I have no ideas why this happened, and glibc update has nothing to do with booting kernel and with mounting root filesystem. Do you have a screenshot when it failed to boot originally?

The errors uou are seeing with 1.4.2 should be fixed in latest kernel from beta: . Please consider updating to it.
  1. 29.09.2018 23:09:00
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Eugene Accepted Answer
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Joined: 26.08.2019
This problem still exist in hyper-v vm with the latest kernel, any fix for that?
  1. 01.10.2018 13:10:58
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Igor Ghertesco Accepted Answer
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Joined: 07.08.2015

Could you please submit a ticket to, we will take a closer look.

Thank you.
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