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  1. Mark Sheppard
  2. Monday, 25 March 2019
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Hi Everyone,
I have recently started to receive the following emails never got these before until recently -

We have detected following issues with your system:
Check fs.enforce_symlinksifowner is correctly enabled in sysctl conf:
OK: fs.enforce_symlinksifowner = 1

Check UsePAM in /etc/ssh/sshd_config:
OK: Config is fine

Check fs.symlinkown_gid:
OK: Web-server user is protected by Symlink Owner Match Protection

Check existence of all user's packages:
OK: nonexistent user's packages aren't found

Check the validity of LVE limits on server:
OK: Valid LVE limits on server.

Checking RPM DB:

Check cagefs mount points exists:
FAILED: There are missing mount points: ['/usr/share/ilabs_antimalware']

Check cagefs users.enabled is directory:
OK: /etc/cagefs/users.enabled is fine

Check cagefs users.disabled is directory:
OK: /etc/cagefs/users.disabled is fine

Check cagefs disable.etcfs exists:
OK: /etc/cagefs/ exists

Check cagefs users can enter cagefs:
OK: Several tested users really can enter cagefs

Check cagefs proxy commands configs are parsable:
OK: Syntax looks fine. Files are parsable

Check cagefs files syntax:
SKIPPED: No files found

There are 1 errors found.

How do i resolve this please?
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  1. 26.03.2019 08:03:40
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Vladimir Accepted Answer
Posts: 101
Joined: 04.07.2017

This is the output of /etc/cron.d/cldiag-cron task.
Please check wheather '/usr/share/ilabs_antimalware' exists in your filesystem. If yes, please add '/usr/share/ilabs_antimalware into /etc/cagefs/ ' and remount CageFS:

# cagefsctl --remount-all
  1. 26.03.2019 10:03:06
  2. # 2
Mark Sheppard Accepted Answer
Posts: 9
Joined: 25.04.2016
Hi Vladimir,
This was removed awhile ago /usr/share/ilabs_antimalware' ?
  1. 26.03.2019 10:03:38
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Vladimir Accepted Answer
Posts: 101
Joined: 04.07.2017
It appears that Pyxsoft Anti Malware was installed and removed on this server some time ago, but CageFS mount pint still exists.
In this case, please remove '/usr/share/ilabs_antimalware' from and remount CageFS.
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