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  1. Wesley Render
  2. Monday, 16 May 2011
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I have just purchased and installed Cloud Linux from cPanel. This document specifically is what I followed to install.

I am now wondering if there are any post configuration instructions? I am a bit confused about what LVE features are setup by default, and what features are not.

Also, I was thinking it would be a good idea for me to start charging my clients for additional CPU. For example, I see the default configuration is 25% CPU. Maybe I could offer a add-on package for my web hosting which is 50% CPU? This way I can be reimbursed for some of the lost costs I have with some clients hogging all of the resources. Would anyone have any suggestions on what I should base my add-on pricing around for this type of service? Since I am new to LVE I am not sure if I should just base it around CPU usage.

Thanks again, glad a program like this is finally available. I have been struggling with problematic websites causing server crashes over the past year.
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  1. 16.05.2011 11:05:05
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Igor Seletskiy Accepted Answer
Posts: 1194
Joined: 09.02.2010
There is no way yet to do it on plan bases in cPanel, so you would have to add CPU manually for each customer.

Otherwise -- here is an example of someone selling \"CPU\" that I really like:
(they are using in house system, hence they can do it on per plan bases).
  1. 16.05.2011 11:05:36
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Wesley Render Accepted Answer
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Joined: 16.05.2011
Hey thanks. That is very helpful.
  1. 17.05.2011 19:05:55
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Joined: 08.05.2011
I second that the link Igor gave is interesting.

But it confuses me more than being helpful. Actually i\'m already confused fr om the CPU limits explanation knowledgebase entry, so that\'s the reason :)

I had in mind almost same packages ( regarding CPU usages ) for advanced clients but i\'m finding hard to understand how limiting works.

( asuming that the mentions @the cloudaccess link are *translated* like 1CPU = 100% of 1 core, right? )

Example: Let\'s say we have a server with 8 cores. What\'s the settings* for an LVE to use ( Like some of cloudaccess packages ):
1/2 of 1 Core
1 Core
3 Cores

*: Settings in terms of assigned cores to each LVE and of course CPU % Limit.

I suppose you have to setup the server where each LVE has % limits on 8 cores to achieve those separate settings? Because otherwise how i could tweak Cores per LVE without a reboot? I couldn\'t find anything on how to prepare an LVE with specific cores allocated before the account is created, is that even possible?

I hope i\'m not the only one getting confused, that would make me feel stupid.
PS: Igor sorry for the huge amount of questions.
  1. 17.05.2011 22:05:38
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Igor Seletskiy Accepted Answer
Posts: 1194
Joined: 09.02.2010
1/2 of 1 Core : ncpu=1 cpu=6 (that would actually be 48% of one core)
1 Core : ncpu=1 cpu=13 (that would be 100% of one core, as 13% actually translates to 104% of one core, but ncpu=1 will limit it to one core.
3 Cores : ncpu=3 cpu=38 (or cpu>38)

It is confusing, and very artificial.
It is here for historical reasons., and once we will be able to change ncpu on the fly -- we will have normal, easy to understand way to set limits, on per core bases.
So that 50% would bean 1/2 of core, and 150% would mean 1 1/2 cores...
  1. 18.05.2011 09:05:10
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Posts: 5
Joined: 08.05.2011
As always Igor you\'ve been helpful :)

You made it clear with those example scenarios!

I knew you will change the ncpu limits, keep up the good work, thanks!
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