Strategy for dealing with high load accounts and rebooting within CloudLinux
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  2. Sunday, 21 February 2016
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I have 10 accounts in my CloudLinus/cPanel server. One of the accounts uses lots of CPU and \"crashes\" a couple times a day. No other accounts are affected -- only this one account\'s website crashes.

If I reboot the entire server, then the site is normal again. But I would rather not reboot the entire server. Is there a manual way to only reboot that one account? Also, is there an automative method to reboot an account if it reaches a higher usage level?

Thank you for advice~
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  1. 22.02.2016 05:02:08
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D D Accepted Answer
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Sorry, I mean Error 508 for extended period of time (sometimes a few hours). It doesn\'t affect other accounts/websites, and when I reboot the entire machine the stalled site works fine again.
  1. 12.03.2016 03:03:30
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D D Accepted Answer
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Hi, ok I\'ve been monitoring this server for a few weeks. It crashes about once a day. Specifically, the mysql server-wide crashes, which then affects all the accounts that rely on mysql. When I reboot the entire server, everything is back to normal for a while until it crashes again.

I\'m fairly certain one particular account is affecting things, but with LVE it should isolate itself and have no impact on anything else, correct? I used \'lveps -p\' a few times but nothing seemed odd.

Are there any other troubleshooting tips you can provide? I\'m now running CloudLinux on a bunch of servers, but only this server appears to have the issue. Almost all of the other servers are running the same configurations too, so this seems like an isolated case.

Thank you~
  1. 12.03.2016 07:03:11
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Chuck Charleston Accepted Answer
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Are you running Mysql Governor?
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