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  1. Sergey
  2. Monday, 23 July 2018
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I have few servers with CloudLinux 7.5 on it, main PHP is cPanel PHP.
I'm unable to use CloudLinux PHP extensions using LVE manager, cPanel PHP Selector, selectorctl.

When I choose any PHP extension and save it using methods above, I can't see this module enabled in phpinfo() and extension doesn't provide required functionality.
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  1. 23.07.2018 15:07:07
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Igor Ghertesco Accepted Answer
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Joined: 07.08.2015

Please submit a ticket to, we will take a closer look
  1. 10.08.2018 13:08:10
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Mike Tindor Accepted Answer
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Joined: 08.11.2013
I have a feeling I have the same problem. What I'm seeing is that when I go into PHP Selector and specifically choose the PHP extensions to load and click Save, it says it saved them. But then when I go back and look at them, none of them are checked -- no modules loaded.

I have to click on "Use Defaults", which will then automatically save the default active modules/extensions. But that does me no good since I need to be able to enable/disable modules/extensions on various sites because some customers want different extensions loaded.

So, basically, if I had 10 extensions saved for a particular PHP version and hadn't changed it in a year, if I now go and try to add an additional extension (such as Opcache or any other) and Save it, suddenly when I switch to PHP Options and back to PHP Extensions, none of the extensions are checkmarked and the sites under that account will not run. Selecting "Use Defaults" will then properly save the default active extensions.

This happens regardless of Alt-PHP version being used.

I have no trouble editing/saving PHP Options though. My only issue is with saving PHP Extensions.

I just started noticing this in the past few weeks.

UPDATE: I had this happen to me yesterday on one account and today on another account. But then i decided to go test this on multiple accounts on mulitple different servers, and for some reason it is now saving the options just fine. I'm baffled. Only 15 minutes ago, on one particular account, it was not saving the extensions. but now it is. Oh well. If I can figure out exactly when it happens, and if it happens on multiple servers / accounts again, I'll open a ticket.

  1. 10.08.2018 15:08:47
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Aleksei Faians Accepted Answer
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Joined: 02.04.2018
Hello, Mike!

If you are trying to select extensions for non-current version of PHP, it will not work due to a known bug. This happens only if you have modified /etc/cl.selector/symlinks.rules as described in The fix is on the way, but I cannot provide any ETA at the moment.

If you would like to be notified when the fix will be released or if you have other issue, please do not hesitate to open a ticket with us.
  1. 11.08.2018 01:08:07
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Mike Tindor Accepted Answer
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Joined: 08.11.2013
Thank you, Aleksei. I can wait for the fix. As long as you all are aware of it and will be fixing it, it's not that urgent to me. I worked around it for now.

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