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  1. Havri
  2. Wednesday, 19 April 2017
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I just have a few questions about LVE CPU.

From all the webinars, documentations, forums, etc., I understood that it's not recommended to have LVE CPU set to less than 100% because of the CPU switches (which also consume a lot). So for example, if you set 50% for a user, it also adds the CPU switches which also consume 5%,10%, 20%, etc.

My first question is if this also applies to higher LVE CPU values. For example, if I set 250% CPU for a user, would it also cause the overhead of 10%, 20% etc. from the CPU switch?

Do you recommend only full CPU core/thread values, like 100%, 200%, 300% and so on or is it still feasible to cut a part of a core/thread if the value is above 100%, like 230%, 370%, 520% etc. ?

Thank you.
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