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CentOS support for version 6 ends in November 2020. You can’t run your servers without OS support, so what should you do?

Get Extended Lifecycle Support* for CentOS® 6 provided by CloudLinux Inc. It lasts through 2024, so you’ll be covered for years to come.

*The CentOS Project has not endorsed and is not affiliated with Cloud Linux or the Extended Lifecycle Support for CentOS® 6. CentOS® is a registered trademark of Red Hat, Inc.


No migration

Run a single script. No reboot is necessary, just add a new repository file.

Updates for
Hosting Packages

Continual updates for Apache, PHP, MySQL, Glibc, OpenSSL, OpenSSH, and cPanel.

Full list of supported packages.

Years of Support

Our support lasts through 2024, giving you ample time to migrate

Attractive Pricing

Starting at $3 per server, our support is priced to be easy on IT budgets.

How can you get
Extended Lifecycle

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Don't wait until the last minute

Extended Lifecycle Support for CentOS® 6 provided by CloudLinux Inc. is available for testing. No need to wait until the last minute — sign up, test it and pay after November, 30.


KernelCare is now available with a discount as part of a package with CloudLinux’s extended lifecycle support (ELS) for CentOS® 6. This KernelCare & CentOS® 6 ELS package provides security protection to organizations still running CentOS® 6 after November of 2020 when the OS reaches its end-of-life.

The KernelCare & CentOS® 6 ELS package includes:

  • KernelCare’s rebootless live patching at a 10% discount off standard KernelCare pricing.
  • Extended Lifecycle Support for CentOS® 6 at a 15% discount off standard ELS pricing.

This package must be purchased before September 30, 2020. 

To learn more visit this page


1-500 licenses


per server per month
*Require a 12-month commitment
For month-to-month subscriptions the price is $6

500 + licenses


per server per month
*Require a 12-month commitment
For month-to-month subscriptions the price is $3.6


The deployment instructions will be available by the end of May 2020. They will involve a single script to run, which will add a new repo file to the server.
The kernel, of course, as well as other critical packages such as glibc, openssh, openssl, and zlib. httpd, mysql, php, and userspace packages will also be supported, as well as the cPanel, Plesk, and DirectAdmin control panels. Other supported packages include: acl, acpid, at, attr, audit, authconfig, basesystem, bash, bc, blktrace, bridge-utils, busybox, bzip2, crash, cyrus-imapd, cyrus-sasl, db4-utils, device-mapper, dhclient, dhcpv6, dmidecode, dos2unix, dovecot, ed, gcc, gd, gdb, glib2, groff, info, Iptstate, logrotate, lslk, lvm2, makedev, nfs4-acl-tools, nfs-utils, nspr, ntp, opensp, pam, perl, procmail, procps, python, rcs, rds-tools, rhnlib, rsync, rsyslog, setroubleshoot, setserial, setup, sos, stunnel, tzdata, vim, wget, yum-metadata-parser, yum-rhn-plugin.
For 1-500 servers running CentOS® 6, it’s $5 per server per month. For 500+ servers, it’s $3 per server per month. No payment is due until December 2020.
No, you will continue running CentOS®. We will just continue updating packages with security fixes.
As mentioned above, there is no OS migration, just a change in repository location. This can be done in-line, with no downtime, or any performance degradation.
As soon as we find or develop a new patch, we apply it to the appropriate package, listed above. Before each package goes into the production repository, we run several testing processes. We also maintain a stable beta repository that we use for testing. Our repository will go live on Jun 1, 2020.


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