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  1. Christos Panagiotakis
  2. Thursday, March 30, 2017
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I asked in a thread about CSF and Imunify because it some-kinda relevant but I got no answer.
I hope it's OK to ask again,

Do you plan features like this (mail / spam relevant) ?

Usually when an account gets infected/hacked bots or malicious users are uploading mail scripts. And the usual Top #1 problem for us (My personal opinion of course) is dealing with outgoing mail spam.

CSF/LFD notifies us when someone / some script is sending mass mails, localrelay, authrelay, and when the queue is above x limit.

When I get the warning I know something is wrong and start investigation.

The usual outcome is server IP blacklisted in multiple RBLs -and other users can't send mails-, IP block, or whole server block (for one account) from the data center.

So I believe it's crucial to know what's happening with outgoing mails and queues.
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  1. 30.03.2017 16:03:25
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Ryan Smith Accepted Answer
Posts: 31
Joined: 27.04.2016
Having outgoing spam monitoring (authrelay, localrelay, localhostrelay) with email alerts is such an important feature of CSF that I would strongly urge you to consider implementing this in Imunify.

Having to run CSF in conjunction with Imunify seems to unnecessarily complicate and devalue the product. If Imunify added outgoing spam monitoring we would be more inclined to remove CSF altogether once Imunify is stable.
  1. 30.03.2017 17:03:44
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Igor Seletskiy Accepted Answer
Posts: 1186
Joined: 09.02.2010
There are a lot of things that CSF does that we want to automate in long term -- and after some time period we will have basic spam protection similar to CSF in Imunify360.
Yet, for now, we wanted to move forward with where we are strong together -- so we added complete CSF integration for Imunify360 -- so you can have the best of both worlds.
  1. 16.04.2017 09:04:19
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Jeppe Accepted Answer
Posts: 1
Joined: 15.04.2017
I would just like to make a vote for this, since this is also one of our regular issues.
  1. 20.04.2017 11:04:18
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Eric Accepted Answer
Posts: 1
Joined: 20.04.2017
Another vote
  1. 14.05.2017 14:05:08
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Steven Accepted Answer
Posts: 4
Joined: 31.10.2013
We dont use CSF, but need this as well. There are lots of possibilities for this such as monitor/block/alert when a script is calling the php mail function a lot, but I think seeing how a malicious file behaves and stopping it is the best, then it wont be able to run in the first place (such as the sandboxing feature), including blocking the IPs that are trying to access such script.
  1. 24.05.2017 00:05:14
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Hector Accepted Answer
Posts: 0
Joined: 19.10.2017
I agree.

In my experience, when someone gains access for example by penetrating Wordpress, the end goal is to install back doors, phishing pages (that look exactly like Hotmail, for example) and base64-encoded scripts that send thousands of emails per hour. That is a constant problem as it gets the server's IP address blacklisted and usually by the time we're notified and investigate, a lot of damage has already been done.
  1. 06.10.2017 06:10:13
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Mauritz K Accepted Answer
Posts: 0
Joined: 19.10.2017
Another vote.

Running 25+ servers with Imunify360 and CSF side-by-side and the only reason we have CSF is because of the tracking of SPAM mail and where it is coming from.

Hope this gets attention sooner than later.
  1. 12.10.2017 21:10:55
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Morten Accepted Answer
Posts: 93
Joined: 16.04.2014
Well, something must be done. How I'm not sure, but customers emails are getting cracked all the time and has today the same number of cracked accounts as hacked Joomla/WordPress sites on our servers.

So I would say it's the most important thing to find a better solution then there is today.

I found some bugs with Imunify not blocking exim attempts so hopefully that will help when they fix it in DEFA-98.
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