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Beta: EasyApache 4 updated

Beta: EasyApache 4 updated

The new updated EasyApache 4 packages are available for download from our EA4 testing repository.


ea-libcurl 7.53.1-5.cloudlinux

  • added ALPN support.
  • fixed export for static OpenSSL libraries.

ea-apache24 2.4.27-3.cloudlinux

ea-apache24-config 1.0-109.cloudlinux

  • EA-6548: created directives for WebSocket over proxy subdomains.

ea-apache24-mod_security2 2.9.2-1.cloudlinux

  • EA-6312: updated ModSec to 2.9.2.
  • removed RuleProcessingFailedExpand patch as it was fixed upstream.

ea-php54-php 5.4.45-39.cloudlinux

ea-php55-php 5.5.38-23.cloudlinux

ea-php56-php 5.6.31-2.cloudlinux

  • EA-6574: made permissions on FPM socket dir more secure.

To update run:

yum clean all --enablerepo=cl-ea4-testing
yum update ea-libcurl ea-apache24 ea-apache24-config ea-apache24-mod_security2 ea-php54-php ea-php55-php ea-php56-php --enablerepo=cl-ea4-testing

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