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Accessing CloudLinux Network

You can access CloudLinux network by logging into: and click on "CLN" link on top.

You should get to Overview page

Understanding Licensing

CloudLinux works in terms of management entitlements. For each license that you buy, you get one entitlement.
You can see number of entitlements by clicking on: System Entitlements at the bottom, and looking under Base Entitlements/Management at the bottom.


Each registered server takes one entitlement. Sometimes, same server might be registered twice, make sure you delete duplicate servers that was registered first.
To do that, click on System menu, and click on the server you might want to delete.
Make sure that Last Check In/Registered Dates are the oldest among duplicate servers, and click on Delete System.

Each time you delete a system, entitlement is freed up.

Managing Activation Keys

When you order licenses, activation key is created. That key will allow you to register as many servers as you ordered.
Once you reached the limit, if you try to register/convert another server using that activation key, you will get error message like:
Registering the activation key... An error has occurred:

Error Message:
    Maximum usage count of 1 reached
Error Class Code: 61
Error Class Info: Too many systems registered using this registration token
You need to delete some of the systems to be able to use that key again.

You can see all your keys by clicking on Activation Keys in the menu.
You can create new, "unlimited" activation key, by clicking on create new key->Create Activation Key (filling in the form is option).
The license will be limited only by the total number of entitlements you have