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XeonBD brings secure, Imunify360-powered web hosting to Bangladesh

XeonBD brings secure, Imunify360-powered web hosting to Bangladesh

Recently we have launched our new Imunify360 Provider Directory, which helps website owners find hosting providers that offer plans with Imunify360 protection. It also helps hosting providers accelerate sales by promoting the Imunify360-powered security offerings that make customer websites more secure. Here is a look at one of those companies.

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Guest author: Kazi S M Nazmus Saqib, Founder and Chief Executive Officer of XeonBD

XeonBD is one of the largest web solution providers servicing most of the financial and corporate companies in Bangladesh. Security is extremely important to our team and to our customers. CloudLinux has already changed the way we utilize, manage, and control our shared, VPS and dedicated server hosting services. We have been using CloudLinux OS since 2010 in all of our shared servers. In 2015, we have deployed KernelCare for all our shared, VPS nodes, and dedicated servers to keep our kernels secure and eliminate unwanted reboots.

Before Igor Seletskiy and his team released Imunify360, my team had many hectic days and nights dealing with all the security issues that were affecting our shared server customers. Since we have a strong belief in the products that have been developed by CloudLinux, we’ve installed Imunify360 on all our shared servers during the first days of its beta release. We wanted to ensure maximum protection for all our shared and corporate hosting clients and resellers.

What especially impressed us is the Imunify360's efficient machine-learning technology and sophisticated information collection process from the servers all over the world, as well as fully automated security issue handling process. This is an amazing feature of the Imunify360. It's just like an unlimited number of security experts working for your security and safety round the clock!

Imunify360 works with XeonBD's in-house security solutions to provide a controlled and secure hosting environment for all our customers. Since the beginning, we’ve appreciated the stability, reliability, compatibility, efficiency, and security features of this software. Now our company is providing a complete solution to further protect from attacks.

We are the only web host that owns and operates a Tier-3 data center in Dhaka, Bangladesh. We also have a colocation data center in the US, and since 2005 we have been offering customers both technical and functional solutions appropriate to their business needs. As being one of the largest web solution providers in Bangladesh, security is always a primary concern for our team. Many of XeonBD's customer use open source CMS like WordPress, Joomla, Opencart, etc. and the vulnerabilities that are present due to running outdated applications or compromised scripts/plugins always create substantial issues for customers and their servers, whenever an account is compromised. But now, with the increased and out-of-the-box protection that Imunify360 offers, which includes IDS/IPS, WAF, Malware Scanning with the centralized incident management etc., it helps us protect our clients’ valuable assets. We found that all this makes an investment in Imunify360 worthwhile and a no-brainer.

To learn more about XeonBD, you can visit or

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Imunify360 already secures over half a million websites and hundreds of web hosting providers run secure servers protected by Imunify360. Because this new provider directory helps both website owners and web hosts, we expect it to grow from just a few dozens of companies we had at launch, to hundreds of companies in a short period of time.

If you haven’t yet requested to be listed, email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

Beta: Imunify360 2.5.2 released
Beta: Alt-PHP updated


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Wednesday, 12 August 2020

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