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What matters in hosting this year? WHD.USA reveals

What matters in hosting this year? WHD.USA reveals

Did you make it to the WHD.USA event this year? If not, no worries. We'll gladly share some key notes and impressions of one of the brightest events of the hosting industry with you.

The hosting business has seen significant changes over the last several years, in terms of new technologies competitive threats and user purchasing trends. The key trends of the hosting market 2016 named at the conference, mostly related to those new challenges and primarily concerned multi-product lines & applications.

During a panel discussion "How Market Leaders Adapt to Changes in the Hosting Business" the representatives from such leading players in the hosting market as GoDaddy, Strato, SingleHop and 1&1 Internet stressed the importance of having targeted product lines. One product strategy no longer works, because one size doesn't fit all, they said. You have to understand your customers' needs better. The multi-product strategy adopted to particular client segments is now really important.

The other thing that is highly anticipated this year - applications with deployment experience similar to mobile devices, when the user can just "click & deploy" it. This is surely why KuberDock, a new CloudLinux product, presented at WHD.USA drew so much audience attention. Our new platform, based on Docker containers, lets you choose from 70K dockerized applications and start selling them to your customers in just hours.

"What's about site builders?", you'll probably ask. I have to say WHD.USA guests were also concerned about that. People still want them, experts agreed. Wordpress is more popular than ever among the users and grows fast.

In its second year, WHD.USA, as the name suggests, is being held in the U.S. The conference keeps attracting a lot of hosting companies and those that partner with them. Some of the domain name companies in attendance were Rightside, GoDaddy, Tucows, InterNetX, ParkLogic, Uniregistry and Radix. There were opportunities for many face-to-face meetings, both with the current customers as well as prospects. As for us, we had a lot in depth conversations with the companies that got interested in our products, and also with those that already use some of them and now want to expand the implementation.

So, don't miss WHD.USA next time with all of its business opportunities and exciting knowledge sharing. Looking forward to the next great show of this summer - HostingCon.

See you there soon!

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