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Node.js Selector for DirectAdmin is now in production!

Node.js Selector for DirectAdmin is now in production!

We are happy to announce that DirectAdmin support was added with the latest production LVE Manager-4.0-19.7 release. This makes it easy for customers who use DirectAdmin to take advantage of all Node.js Selector features including ultimate flexibility and a friendly user interface that will help new users to get acquainted with the Node.js Selector faster.

With CloudLinux Node.js Selector, your customers are now able to host their JavaScript apps using Node.js 6.x, 8.x, 9.x or 10.x.

Node.js is introduced with a friendly UI that unites all of the features in one place and makes it very convenient to manage.

To learn how to operate Node.js Selector, please read this documentation article.

If you'd like to know more about Node.js Selector and how to roll it out, you can watch this CloudLinux Academy Webinar recording.

We’d be extremely grateful for any feedback provided! If you have any questions or comments, please do not hesitate and email us at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

To update run:

yum update alt-python27-cllib lvemanager lve-utils cagefs



  • LVES-907: fixed displaying "N/A" instead of domain on Plesk;
  • LU-775: stderr is now ignored when calling whmapi1 & uapi;
  • LU-762: fixed cPanel postmodifyacct: No such file or directory: '/var/lve/tmp/USERNAME';
  • PTCLLIB-119: human-readable exception is shown when MySQL Governor config is malformed;
  • PTCLLIB-117: reworked DirectAdmin cpapi plugin according to DirectAdmin improvements;
  • LU-725: prettified Unicode returned with "app_uri" key for Node.js Selector;
  • LU-735: added an ability to use additional domains in DirectAdmin for creating Node.js applications;
  • LU-737: does not now ignore fs.proc_super_gid in /etc/sysctl.d/* files;
  • LU-732: fixed subdomains in hook for changing the main domain.


  • LU-813: reworked incorrect error message when trying to delete an application with already deleted folders;
  • LU-773: made some refactoring of caching mechanism in;
  • LU-537: added cron job for control panel detection and automatic reconfiguration of our software;
  • LU-632: admin is now not able to set PMEM and VMEM limits for a user under Reseller with limits;
  • LU-756: fixed sync-map for users with the same UID;
  • LU-754: it is checked now that user really exists in system before getting other info;
  • LVEMAN-1269: improved mechanism of hading Node.js icon in the end-user UI;
  • LU-752: fixed an issue when no package is assigned to a user in LVE Manager when subscription has add-on plans selected in Plesk;
  • LU-725: prettified Unicode returned with "app_uri" key for Node.js Selector;
  • LU-661: implemented locking Node.js versions for admin's CLI;
  • LU-731: fixed detection of H-Sphere;
  • LU-662: implemented locking for Node.js applications;
  • LU-737: does not now ignore fs.proc_super_gid in /etc/sysctl.d/* files;
  • LU-693: "selectorctl --interpreter nodejs" command now prints "please use cloudlinux-selector utility instead";
  • LVEMAN-1260: "--new-app-uri" is now optional when moving application to a new domain only;
  • LU-740: fixed traceback while calling "cloudlinux-selector" when LVE Manager hasn't been installed.


  • CAG-821: added process_ssl_pending_queue to /etc/cagefs/proxy.commands;
  • LU-797: cldiag now works when CageFS is disabled;
  • CAG-818: cagefsctl --setup-cl-selector now sends SIGHUP to PHP processes of users with CageFS enabled only;
  • LU-726: added git to CageFS in order to install git packages using npm;
  • CAG-808: excluded virtfs mounts from CageFS.


  • WEB-1069: fixed width of the button on the License page for DirectAdmin and Plesk panels;
  • WEB-1068: fix for the error about session finished in LVE Manager in Plesk\DirectAdmin;
  • WEB-1065: added translations according to LU-813;
  • WEB-1063: fixed tab Edit Node.js application for Retro theme cPanel;
  • WEB-1064: fixed translation for Node.js application shortcut;
  • WEB-1031: removed inclusion of Imunify360 flags in build;
  • WEB-1060: fixed an issue when History page can not be opened in Hoster\Reseller interface of LVE Manager in RUS locale of cPanel;
  • WEB-1058: changes for Reseller Limits are now displayed correctly in LVE Manager plugin;
  • WEB-986: fixed an issue when saving limits spawn two same requests after enabling/disabling limits;
  • WEB-1045: fixed an issue with "CageFS switcher" in "edit limits" frame for "ru" locale;
  • WEB-1040: fixed trace for package editing;
  • WEB-994: added correct message \ name to the Node.js version field if Node.js version for application was disabled;
  • WEB-1042: switch on Russian localization in LVE Manager;
  • WEB-840: checked Russian translation;
  • WEB-1024: --env-vars argument now works the same on DirectAdmin and cPanel;
  • WEB-1025: fixed an issue with showing "History" on Reseller's LVE Manager;
  • WEB-1023: fixed dropdown lists in LVE Manager;
  • WEB-1016: fixed SPEED MYSQL displaying. It is now displayed with the % sign;
  • WEB-1010: fixed wrong Angular mode in production build;
  • WEB-1014: fixed introducing of new rows in Users tab after sorting;
  • WEB-1012: fixed DirectAdmin LVE Manager plugin error;
  • WEB-731: Row object is now used in Users and Packages tabs instead of rowNum;
  • WEB-1013: revived missing titles for expandable details view of user's record;
  • LU-693: "selectorctl --interpreter nodejs" command does not now print "please use cloudlinux-selector utility instead";
  • LVEMAN-1283: removed unnecessary hooks for cPanel LVE Extension;
  • LU-759: when entering the Node.js Virtual Environment, directory now automatically changes to the apps document root;
  • LU-702: improved validation of "Environment variables" for Node.js Selector;
  • WEB-1009: fixed definition of building type for production build;
  • WEB-1004: fixed indication of start/stop application in common list when start/stop application in editing page;
  • WEB-975: modified the tables sorting using raw data;
  • WEB-898: fixed incorrect lve-read-snapshot request;
  • WEB-979: revised Perl module usage in cPanel;
  • WEB-823: search field is now used in integration tests on Package tab;
  • WEB-980: "create application" button is now disabled when all Node.js versions are disabled;
  • LU-763: unified all responses from cloudlinux-selector utility;
  • WEB-588: implemented word wrap for error messages in Users tab;
  • LVEMAN-1269: improved mechanism of hading Node.js icon in the end-user UI;
  • LVEMAN-1275: fixed cl-quota fails if it works in LVE Manager on DirectAdmin;
  • WEB-997: dimensions for EntryProcs limit are not using now;
  • LVEMAN-1272: already created Node.js apps are not now hidden for a user after adding him into CageFS;
  • WEB-991: fixed visual issues on popups and hints for Node.js tab on DirectAdmin;
  • WEB-993: fixed CSS issue for dropdown "Node.js version" in the user's part of Node.js Selector;
  • LU-746: added an ability to change domains for application even if it is an alias of previous domain;
  • LVEMAN-1277 fixed version adding for Python app under user;
  • WEB-957: updated Angular to 5th version;
  • WEB-964: fixed errors in browser console in Plesk 17.8 for LVE Manager;
  • WEB-840: checked Russian translation;
  • WEB-887: investigated a possibility to localize LVE Extension plugin for cPanel;
  • WEB-992: fixed search functionality in Options tab for an ability to use any particular symbols in searching phrase;
  • LU-741: fixed starting/stopping Node.js application on CPanel addon domains;
  • WEB-970: refactored tests to use non angular's attributes;
  • WEB-414: big tables are not shown in user statistics web-interface;
  • WEB-971: fixed appearance and alignment of button;
  • WEB-963: increased the size of Node.js Selector "application URL" field;
  • WEB-780: added checking that only POST and GET methods allowed for requests;
  • WEB-324: implemented disabling of PHP Selector for Plesk;
  • WEB-961: allowed the dot character in application directories;
  • WEB-629: fixed an issue when UI error message is not displayed if set invalid CPU value as user limit;
  • WEB-969: activation key and passwords are now not used directly in the code source;
  • WEB-776: covered switching of Reseller Limits (WEB-762) by integration tests after page object implementation;
  • WEB-628: PHP Selector: moved checkboxes for PHP modules from the right to the left;
  • WEB-988: restricted reseller’s plugin for DirectAdmin admin introduced by Reseller;
  • WEB-928: created user’s UI of Node.js Selector for DirectAdmin;
  • WEB-974: improved LVE Manager test-runner job to allow using additional parameters;
  • WEB-585: developed integration tests for License page;
  • LVEMAN-1256: forbidden specifying "package.json" file in the Application startup file for Node.js Selector;
  • LU-732: fixed subdomains in hook for changing the main domain;
  • LU-718: an application is now moved to a new domain when the domain is being renamed in DirectAdmin;
  • LU-661: switching user's app interpreter version now locks interpreter;
  • LU-726: added git to CageFS in order to install git packages using npm;
  • LVEMAN-1241: fixed an issue when cl-quota -YC cron job resets soft limit grace period;
  • WEB-937: fixed an issue with accordion in Options tab;
  • WEB-849: implemented search functionality in Options tab;
  • WEB-791: added a possibility to manage users limits from "Current Usage" in reseller's plugin;
  • WEB-965: fixed an issue arose when trying to create a new Node.js app;
  • WEB-944: it is not now possible to trigger npm packages installation by clicking outside "Run NPM Install" button;
  • WEB-945: improved the behavior of "Run NPM Install" button for end-user UI of Node.js Selector;
  • LU-693: "selectorctl --interpreter nodejs" command now prints "please use cloudlinux-selector utility instead";
  • WEB-949: fixed displaying an error message in Selector tab when CageFS is not installed yet;
  • WEB-956: adapted test system for a new build system (fix);
  • WEB-932: fixed a placement of the message about disabling for Node.js;
  • WEB-958: resolved a conflict during running Admin's tests in parallel flow;
  • WEB-968: improved Node.js tests to detect full Node.js version;
  • LVEMAN-1260: "--new-app-uri" is now optional when moving app to the new domain only;
  • WEB-930: page "plugin is not available" is now shown to users when Node.js Selector is disabled;
  • WEB-943: covered by integration tests reseller's "Options" tab;
  • WEB-872: fixed an issue when input fields for MySQL Governor are not hiding/appearing when turning On/Off 'Tracking user by MYSQL Governor';
  • WEB-890: implemented autotests for reseller's "Current Usage" tab;
  • WEB-911: changed request for enabling/disabling of Node.js version;
  • WEB-915: corrected text in LVEManager for DB Governor configuration;
  • WEB-920: removed old LVE Manager plugin files after updating to SPA version in DirectAdmin;
  • WEB-923: improved progress bar while "cache init" for Node.js on the Options tab of LVE Manager;
  • WEB-929: removed prototype dependency in Plesk for LVE Manager;
  • WEB-933: improved the behavior of "Choose version" dropdown on Node.js tab - admin UI;
  • WEB-939: fixed functional buttons in forms for editing Node.js applications;
  • WEB-936: improved editing of application in user's side of Node.js Selector;
  • WEB-934: improved the transition from versions' list to applications' list in admin part of Node.js Selector;
  • WEB-928: create user's UI of Node.js Selector for DirectAdmin.
Beta: MariaDB for MySQL Governor updated
Imunify360 3.4.1 Beta is here


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