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KuberDock RC3 update released

KuberDock RC3 update released

The latest KuberDock release, RC3, includes a number of enhances and bug fixes which can be found in the kuberdock-1.0-0.RC3 changelog and kuberdock-cli-1.0-0.rc1 changelog below.

To upgrade kuberdock run kuberdock-upgrade at master

To upgrade kuberdock-cli just run yum update kuberdock-cli

Should you encounter any problems with an upgrade, please contact our support team at KuberDock department. We are more than glad to help you.

kuberdock-1.0-0.RC3 changelog:

  • AC-1976: KuberDock - Predefined Apps page - Align pagination level
  • AC-1858: Do not ignore "Exclude IPs" parsing error
  • "reboot_node" update helper
  • Add options to specify flanneld backend
  • AC-2048: Upgrade to stock kernel
  • Raise requirements to strict 1.1.3 kubernetes, add fix for node's statuses
  • AC-1664: Required fields are in red
  • AC-1809: Display names of pods in PD list; traffic lights like in IPPool
  • AC-1992, AC-2116: Various KubeType improvements; refactoring; bugfix
    • Backbone AssociatedModels for Kubes and Packages
    • KubeTypes are sorted by default (available come first)
    • Show warnings if there are no available kube types
    • Bugfix:
      if there are more than one container in a pod, unavailable kube types weren't disabled;
      if there is no any kube type in user's package, a user cannot go to the final step of pod creation;
      disabled kube type may be selected, if there are no available kube types;
  • AC-1875: Change preloader from gif to CSS, remove extra js lib, & loading View, some refactoring
  • AC-2065, AC-2059: defaults for "pdSize" + tests
  • AC-2031: recover on partially failed PD operations.
    • Added common lock mechanism.
    • Added locks for destructive PD operation: create, make FS, delete.
    • Added recover to unmap temporarily mapped ceph-drives.
    • Fixed APIError for PD forbidden deletion.
  • AC-2013:movefeedbackfunc to python, add checks
    • Work with etcd extended_statuses only from python
    • Add contextmanager for python, that send_feedback if exception were raise
    • Add some checks to sh script
  • AC-2168: KuberDock > Pod's page > In Environment variables step if fields is empty, user can't go to the next step
  • AC-2033: better msg and notify when can't create PD
    • When can't create PD, don't show internal PD name for user and send notification to admin
  • AC-2153: KuberDock > Pod's page > remove error message if container port empty
  • AC-1977: each modification adds quotes to command
  • Raised SQLAlchemy connection pool limits
  • AC-1782: KuberDockAC-1782 Sort Predefined apps in an alphabetic way
  • Small animation fixes
  • AC-2174 : KuberDock > Predefined Applications > Switching sorting
  • AC-2184, AC-2041: package-specific addition to the postDescription
    • Also improved and documented hack in kubedock/frontend/templates/apps/index.html for testing PA without a billing system
  • Small fix login page & clearfix class
  • AC-2175: Change a notification about exceeding the limits page license
  • AC-1653: PA fields ordering
  • AC-2001: fixed bug with pod deletion; newSSEeventpod:delete
    • Now if listener catches pod change and pod status in db is "deleting", it will send pod:delete instead of pod:change to frontend.
    • Frontend won't make GET request after pod deletion.
  • AC-2036: Implement reliable message delivery to frontend
  • AC-1779: admin is allowed to login as himself
  • Fixed node installation failure in a case when the bridge module was not loaded before install.
    • This happened with new stock centos kernels
  • AC-2013: update node part
  • AC-2045,2055,2056: k8s2etcd; kubernetes 1.1.3
    • Add k8s to etcd middleware service
    • Service watch for a change in resources (only pods for now) and save them to etcd.
    • Add etcd listener, that listen for etcd and process events from it.
    • Also, process events stored by service between kuberdock restarts.
    • Delete extended_statuses from etcd after processing.
    • Added update k8s to 1.1.3
    • Added 'After=etcd.service' to kube-apiserver.service file
    • Add '--watch-cache=false' to apiserver config file
    • Add '--cpu-cfs-quota=true' to kubelet config file
    • Warning: Will restart all pods to apply new limits update kubes to new hard limits
  • PA: empty additional configuration block
    • Pods: status "waiting" on container page
    • Pods: filter pods with status "deleting"
    • Pods: added default volumes=[] (fixed traceback in pstorage)
    • ContainerStates: added kuberdock-specific reasons and exit codes
    • ContainerStates: fixed "false positive" case of overlapping CS
    • k8s-1.1.3: succeeded containers have reason=Error
  • AC-2062: Introduced namespaces for persistent disks Fixed upgrade from rc2 to rc3: prevent unexpected PD unbinding during reboot
  • AC-2062: fix update when CEPH is enabled and no CEPH enabled nodes exist
  • AC-2264: Find optimal CPU limits for 'Internal service' kube type Restart pods only once
  • AC-2265: Increase CPU limits for 'Internal service' kube type 

kuberdock-cli-1.0-0.rc1 changelog: 

  • AC-1937: Improve error handling in KCLI
  • AC-2014: Starting pod repeatedly brings 'Unknown format' error
  • AC-2028: kcli kuberdock search & kcli docker search doesn't work

If you missed it, here is the kuberdock RC2 changelog:

  • AC-1942: Add data icon on pod page
  • AC-1946: Change bell icon in notification block
  • AC-1969: Add icons to license & profile tab in settings page
  • AC-1792: Fix navigate to user edit from login history page
  • AC-1865: Remove capitalize text in labels on settings preapp page
  • AC-1959: fixed expiration date and license type representation
  • AC-1928: removed update log event while log has not yet come
  • AC-1794: First IPPool subnet always is in focus even when user click on another one.
  • AC-1914 Login to KD through WHMCS
  • AC-1962: installation ID validation (it must be non-empty)
  • AC-1004: Allocation of available kybe-types
  • AC-1980: Add new color to ip busy status
  • AC-1662: Hide unbind button in ippool
  • AC-1960: fix kuberdock version in kapi.collect
  • AC-1663: Don't hide error messages automatically
  • AC-1991: Fix error in console on log page
  • AC-1943: added date validation. Added python-dateutil.
  • AC-1796: enabled lowercase letters for envvars
  • AC-1877: added endpoint that returns full timezones list.
  • AC-1530: Fix Pod IP isolation on the same node
  • AC-1961: license statistics info - fixed count of running users containers count, added pods counts per node. Fixed rpm package version info
  • AC-1823: before marking a node as having troubles one we try to restart kubelet
  • AC-1906: add comments, remove warning, namespaces contents already deleted explicitly, no need for warning
  • AC-1884: PD deletion now is asynchronous;
    • Fixed pod unbinding from PD's on failed pod starts. Fixed unittests for kapi.podcollection. Denied pod deletion for non-owners.
    • At persistent volume page now only drives existing in DB will be shown.
  • AC-1567: Create user-friendly Timezone drop down list
  • AC-1871: KuberDock > Add PD > Validation 'Container path' field
  • AC-1919: catch NetworkError in execute_run
  • AC-1733: Fix Elasticsearch clusterization
  • AC-1930: Added a script to clean obsolete containers /var/lib/docker and it's cron job, running every 6 hours
  • AC-2012: show notification instead of nginx error after failed ajax requests
  • AC-1978: fix urls in main menu; fix "no backendData" error
  • AC-1948, AC-2029: pod&container states bugfix and improvements; more tests; refactoring
  • AC-1951: Change style in installation ID line
  • AC-1379: Add preloaders to all pages
  • AC-1993 Change billing period for default package
  • AC-2063: concat updates to one, add concat-updates
  • AC-2000: Persistent drive listing now implemented via DB
  • AC-1968: celery replaced with patched version

To upgrade kuberdock run kuberdock-upgrade at master

To upgrade kuberdock-cli just run yum update kuberdock-cli

Beta: Alt-PHP updated
Beta: LVE Manager updated

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Guest - John Shiells on Thursday, 18 February 2016 23:08

Like you have done for cpanel, Is there going to be kuberdock support for Plesk?

Like you have done for cpanel, Is there going to be kuberdock support for Plesk?
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