CloudLinux Blog - Hostazor increased revenue by 200% with Elastic Sites Hosting

Hostazor increased revenue by 200% with Elastic Sites Hosting

Hostazor increased revenue by 200% with Elastic Sites Hosting

Quite a few web hosts have been offering scalable plans based on the Elastic Sites hosting model. One of these companies is Hostazor. Hostazor is the first company that offered Elastic Sites in Turkey, and is one of the largest CloudLinux OS users in the country.

The Elastic Sites-based hosting, which offers customers scalable resources to support their websites without the need to manage servers, is seeing a high momentum in Turkey. Shared hosting customers are often confused by the costs and management responsibilities of a VPS, and Elastic Sites provides them with the needed resources without the management headaches. Hostazor has been offering Elastic Sites for the past 3 months and they have just shared with us that they have increased their hosting revenue by 200%!

Hostazor's CEO Kani Başpınar said that their Elastic Site offering is much more advantageous than VPS hosting. VPS hosting license fees, as well as other costs, are a big problem - people are being cautious with their budgets and don’t want to be spending too much money on their websites, even though they are essential to their business. With Elastic Site Hosting, Hostazor has been able to offer their customers the best quality hosting with dedicated physical resources at the most affordable prices. Hostazor also greatly minimizes their internal costs which increases overall profits of their hosting business.

Mr. Başpınar also said that they have been able to expand Elastic Sites offering to 1500 websites in the past 3 months. Powered by CloudLinux OS, the Elastic Sites hosting plans give their customers the most stable hosting with the strongest form of quality.

Hostazor told us that their Elastic Sites hosting, powered by CloudLinux OS, runs on superior infrastructure. The web servers are protected by Imunify360 for utmost security. Their goal is to ensure that the websites are served quickly and servers perform optimally.

Just in case you don’t know about the Elastic Sites hosting model - Elastic Sites run on a shared server with CloudLinux OS. It isolates each customer into a separate Lightweight Virtualized Environment (LVE), which allocates and limits server resources, like RAM, CPU, and connections, for that customer. These limits improve server stability because other customers cannot use more than they are allocated and bring down the shared server. Each customer has allocated resources, just like the VPS, but much simpler to manage.

You can learn more about Elastic Sites here. To take a look at Hostazor Elastic Sites offering, visit this page.


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Guest - Corvis on Friday, 27 October 2017 20:21

A truly professional company.

A truly professional company.
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