CloudLinux Blog - Beta: PHP for EasyApache 4 updated

Beta: PHP for EasyApache 4 updated

Beta: PHP for EasyApache 4 updated

The new updated PHP 7.1 for EasyApache 4 is available from EA4 beta repository.



  • made php-cli require php-litespeed;
  • ensured the same extensions are compiled statically across all SAPI types (EA-5587);
  • fixed erronous getpwnam message in php-fpm jailshell code
  • updated to PHP 7.1.0:
  • (core) 73585: Logging of "Internal Zend error - Missing class information" missing class name;
  • (core) Fixed memory leak: null coalescing operator with Spl hash;
  • (calendar) Fix integer overflows;
  • (date) 69587: DateInterval properties and isset;
  • (dtrace) Disabled PHP call tracing by default (it makes significant overhead). This may be enabled again using environment variable USE_ZEND_DTRACE=1.
  • (mbstring) 73532: Null pointer dereference in mb_eregi;
  • (mysqlnd) 64526: Add missing mysqlnd.* parameters to php.ini-*;
  • (opcache) 73583: Segfaults when conditionally declared class and function have the same name;
  • (opcache) 69090: check cached files permissions;
  • (openssl) 73478: openssl_pkey_new() generates wrong pub/priv keys with Diffie Hellman;
  • (pcre) 73483: Segmentation fault on pcre_replace_callback;
  • (pcre) 73612: preg_*() may leak memory;
  • (postgres) 73498: Incorrect SQL generated for pg_copy_to();
  • (soap) 73538: SoapClient::__setSoapHeaders doesn't overwrite SOAP headers;
  • (soap) 73452: Segfault (Regression for 69152);
  • (sqlite3) Update to SQLite 3.15.1;
  • (sqlite3) 73530: Unsetting result set may reset other result set;
  • (standard) 73297: HTTP stream wrapper should ignore HTTP 100 Continue;
  • (standard) 73303: Scope not inherited by eval in assert();
  • (streams) 73586: php_user_filter::$stream is not set to the stream the filter is working on;
  • (xml) 72135: malformed XML causes fault.

To upgrade run the command:

yum upgrade ea-php71* --enablerepo=cl-ea4-testing


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Tuesday, 21 January 2020

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