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Beta: mod_lsapi updated

Beta: mod_lsapi updated

New updated mod_lsapi version with configurable response codes is available from our updates-testing repository.


mod_lsapi 1.0-2

  • added configurable response codes;

In new version response codes used in particular conditions can be changed by means of lsapi.conf. You can check what exact response you need.

# Error codes should be in the range from 400 to 599

# Default values:





# Some error with Document Root of Virtual Host

lsapi_error_code SERVER_DOCROOT 500


# Cannot determine uid for the request

lsapi_error_code SERVER_UID 500


# Some error with permissions of the script file

lsapi_error_code SCRIPT_PERMS 500


# Error on creation of lsapi connection

lsapi_error_code LSAPI_CREATE 503


# Internal error of liblsapi

lsapi_error_code LSAPI_INTERNAL 503


# Error on acquiring backend connection

lsapi_error_code LSAPI_CONN_ACQUIRE 503


# Error on determining backend connection

lsapi_error_code LSAPI_CONN_DETERMINE 503


# Error on connecting to backend

lsapi_error_code BACKEND_CONNECT 503


# Backend does not receive response headers

lsapi_error_code BACKEND_NOHDRS 503


# Premature end of the response headers from backend

lsapi_error_code BACKEND_ENDHDRS 503


# Error on sending request to backend

lsapi_error_code BACKEND_SENDREQ 503


# Error on receiving response header from backend

lsapi_error_code BACKEND_RECVHDR 503


# Error on receiving response from backend

lsapi_error_code BACKEND_RECVRSP 503


# Error on ap_setup_client_block failed

lsapi_error_code CLIENT_SETUP 400

To update:

cPanel & RPM Based:

$ yum update liblsapi liblsapi-devel --enablerepo=cloudlinux-updates-testing

$ yum update mod_lsapi --enablerepo=cloudlinux-updates-testing

$ service httpd restart


$ yum update liblsapi liblsapi-devel --enablerepo=cloudlinux-updates-testing

$ cd /usr/local/directadmin/custombuild

$ ./build update

$ ./build mod_lsapi

To install follow the instructions:

For installation on EasyApach4 read the following:

To update run:

$ yum update ea-apache24-mod_lsapi

$ service httpd restart


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