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Beta: CageFS, LVE Manager and lve-utils updated

Beta: CageFS, LVE Manager and lve-utils updated

New updated versions of CageFS, LVE Manager and lve-utils packages are available from our updates-testing repository. Current release brings number of improvements and important bug-fixes such as fix for systemd that does not break CageFS on CloudLinux 7 during update anymore, hooks for reconfiguring CageFS when installing ea-php*, locking for /etc/container/ve.cfg that prevents shared access errors, etc. Please find release notes below.

lvemanager 1.0-9.34

Release notes:

  • Detects ISP Manager v5 correctly and does not allow old LVE Manager plugin for version 4 to be installed to version 5.


  • LVEMAN-787: does not install LVE Manager plugin on ISPManager v5.

lve-utils 1.5-2.15

Release notes:

  • "mount --make-rprivate /" is executed in lve_namespaces service on CloudLinux 7 only. CloudLinux 5 and CloudLinux 6 do not require this command.

  • /etc/sysconfig/cloudlinux is not overwritten during lve-utils install or update.

  • Since lve-utils requires tuned-profiles-cloudlinux package on CloudLinux 6, dependency for tuned-profiles-cloudlinux has been added to lve-utils (CL6 only).

  • Updated man-page for lveps utility regarding DT/DO.

  • Added possibility for cldetect utility to detect ISPManager v5.

  • Allows /usr/bin/getcontrolpaneluserspackages utility to work correctly on servers with ISP Manager v5.

  • Implemented ve.cfg file locking to protect it from damage when using in several processes.


  • LU-194: removed mount --rprivate from lve_namespaces script for CL6;

  • LU-195: saving custom settings in /etc/sysconfig/cloudlinux during lve-utils update/reinstall;

  • LU-193: added tuned-profiles-cloudlinux dependency for CL6;

  • LU-188: improved lveps man page regarding DT/DO;

  • LU-201: added ISPManager5 panel detection;

  • LU-203: fixed traceback when updating lve-utils on ISP Manager v5;

  • LU-198: implemented locking while processing ve.cfg file.

cagefs 5.5-6.30

Release notes:

  • /etc/cron.d/cagefs_cron cronjob was removed for cPanel 11.55.9999 or later.

  • Added hook for cPanel 11.56, that applies php.ini ea-php settings changes for CageFS.

  • Added hook for cPanel 11.56, that automatically reconfigures CageFS when System default PHP version is changed via MultiPHP Manager in cPanel WHM.

  • Added yum universal hook for cPanel, that is invoked when installing ea-php* packages and automatically reconfigures CageFS for using new packages.

  • CageFS is disabled for "roundcube_sysuser" user.

  • Fixed Python syntax error while updating/installing of CageFS on CloudLinux 5 Plesk.

  • Updating files related to PHP Selector via daily cronjob (executing "cagefsctl --setup-cl-selector").

  • cron for CageFS works correctly on non-panel systems. The task automatically updates files inside CageFS, as well as executes other service functions like tmpwatch analog inside CageFS.

  • CageFS does not set user as disabled every time a new domain is added in Plesk for that user.

  • Detects ISP Manager v5 correctly and does not allow old LVEManager plugin for version 4 to be installed into version 5.

  • Fixed issue when systemd update was breaking CageFS on CloudLinux 7. Added trigger script to fix the issue automatically after systemd package update. Changing shared mounts to private and remounting CageFS when shared mounts are found while updating CageFS package as well as by daily cronjob.

  • Added /usr/local/easy CageFS mount point that contains libicu on CL5 with cPanel.


  • CAG-500: removed /etc/cron.d/cagefs_cron for cPanel 11.56 or later;

  • CAG-502: added hook for changing INI options for PHP version via MultiPHP INI Editor in cPanel WHM;

  • CAG-474: added hook for changing system default PHP version via MultiPHP Manager in cPanel;

  • CAG-499: added hook for adding new PHP version to cPanel MultiPHP;

  • CAG-501: excluded roundcube_sysuser from CageFS;

  • CAG-508: fixed Python syntax error when updating/installing CageFS on CL5 Plesk;

  • CAG-507: executing "cagefsctl --setup-cl-selector" via daily cronjob;

  • CAG-522: CageFS cron works when control panel is not detected;

  • CAG-519: Plesk does not disable CageFS for user when a new domain added;

  • CAG-516: does not install CageFS plugin on ISPManager v5;

  • CAG-520: changed shared mounts to private; remounting CageFS when shared mounts are found (CL7);

  • CAG-514: added /usr/local/easy CageFS mount point that contains libicu on CL5.


To update run the command:

yum update cagefs lvemanager --enablerepo=cloudlinux-updates-testing


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