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Alt-mod-passenger updated


The new updated alt-mod-passenger version 5.3.7-6 for CloudLinux 6 and 7, for EasyApache 4 and httpd24 is now available for download from our production repository.


alt-mod-passenger 5.3.7-6

ea-apache24-mod-alt-passenger 5.3.7-6

httpd24-alt-mod-passenger 5.3.7-6

  • ALMODP-134: fixed writing application custom passenger log to user's tmp under CageFS
  • ALMODP-135: deleted writing a warning to the main Apache log when using user's custom log

For cPanel EasyApache 4

To update

# yum update ea-apache24-mod-alt-passenger

To install

# yum install ea-apache24-mod-alt-passenger

For EasyApache 3, DirectAdmin, Plesk and no control panel RPM-based platforms (NOTE: EA3 is EoL)

To update

# yum update alt-mod-passenger

To install

# yum install alt-mod-passenger

For httpd24

To update

# yum update httpd24-alt-mod-passenger

To install

# yum install httpd24-alt-mod-passenger
CloudLinux 6 kernel updated
Beta: CloudLinux 6 kernel updated


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Sunday, 19 January 2020

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