CloudLinux - Cloudlinux OS and OS Plus comparison

We at CloudLinux are pleased to announce the next generation of our operating system: CloudLinux OS+. It will be released toward the end of this year, in Q4 2020.

CloudLinux OS+ was developed with shared hosting in mind. It’s a state-of-the-art operating system that gives shared hosting providers what they need: advanced automation, deep-look performance analytics, and centralized management tools.

Intended for use by hosting firms, CloudLinux OS+ makes life easier for sysadmins, and also organizations that don’t have large IT departments. Read on to find out what makes it an excellent OS for hosting operations of any size.


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Feature CloudLinux OS CloudLinux OS+
Reseller Limits
LVE resource limitation
CageFS: virtualized per-user file system
MySQL Governor: monitors users’ MySQL usage
PHP Selector: enables choice of PHP versions
Python Selector: enables choice of Python versions
Ruby Selector: enables choice of Ruby versions
Node.js Selector: enables choice of Node.js versions
Apache mod_lsapi: serves PHP fast
Apache suexec module
Improved CloudLinux OS kernel

PHP X-Ray — new PHP performance tracing tool:

  • Identifies slow PHP-based CMS modules
  • Identifies slow database queries
  • Identifies slow PHP functions
  • Identifies slow external calls

Сentralized Monitoring — new server performance monitoring tool:

  • Monitors server performance of RAM, CPU, disks, system load, network, open files, IO
  • Monitors hardware temperature
  • Monitors number of users
  • Monitors number of Apache connections
  • Monitors number of MySQL connections
  • Monitors CPU steal time for VM
  • Monitors users’ CPU usage, entry processes, physical memory usage, IOPS, IO usage, number of processes, MySQL CPU usage, MySQL IO usage
Priority support